Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


After the Labour Day Weekend, the first Tuesday is the first day of school for children in Ontario. Kindergarten children usually have a staggered start even though many have attended Day Care so are used to school routines. The older grades will be given a schedule of activities and what to write in their agendas. Parents are bracing for the new Fall life- making lunches again, lessons and time for homework. School with its subjects and discipline. Children needing to curb their energy to sit and learn. Two of my grandsons are beginning Grade 1 today. A difficult transition for most children. A whole new routine from Kindergarten. Recess is always welcome so children can run around. Some children are walked or driven to school while others are taking the bus for the first time. Seeing old friends and having to make new ones. The teacher- do you like your teacher! Very important to like the teacher as it can make or break a school year. The teacher has to like his/her students. Learning to adjust to many different personalities can be challenging. Regardless of diversity the rules and laws are the same for everyone. Thus fair play can be ensured! Treating others with respect and dignity. English spoken in the classroom so all can learn. Unless of course, it is French Immersion! There are private schools too. Children spend a major part of their lives in school for 10 months of the year. Letting it be a time to learn with fun and knowledge is good. We want our children to want to go to school with a skip in their step. Being on top of any concerns is the parents' ongoing job. So here's to all those returning to school today. Enjoy, learn, as you will be the next generation shaping this great country!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Each season brings the opportunity for many pictures.
The garden has its many phases and stages.
Visiting Black Creek Pioneer Village with the grandchildren and creating new memories.
A trip to the Zoo and meeting the pandas!
Blue Mountain-Collingwood in the summer!
Fresh fruit and vegetables at the markets- my favourite- St Jacobs near Kitchener-Waterloo.
At least one winery visit!
A day at the EX!
Barbecues galore! Sometimes even ribs.

And more cake!
Fun with family and friends. Sometimes a crowd, sometimes alone.

Sometimes by the water to reflect!
A stroll through a vegetable garden!

Enjoying the sea of colour!
Time for love!
So 14 images for the summer of 2014! What would your summer photos entail??


September brings renewed energy and back to the normal workload. Summer months behind us-time to review. Many people prefer the cooler temperatures and the foliage of the Fall leaves. Weekend trips are still possible with many photo opportunities. In Toronto there is TIFF-Toronto International Film Festival starting. If you want to see movies and documentaries filming for the first time, come on by! Do you realize several films that made their debut at the festival went on to win many film awards? For many North American celebrities, it is easy to come for a couple of days then return home. There are Fall fairs to attend if so inclined. Of course, school and lessons are in full swing starting tomorrow. Since it is a Stat holiday today, there is time to putter and clean and organize. A little at a time for garden cleanup as many flower are still in full bloom. No matter what there is always a sense of sadness with the start of September. It means the march towards colder temperatures. Hope it will be a warm Indian Summer but still pulling out the heavier clothes! What are your thoughts about September? Are you glad it is here? Like I am, are you feeling a little melancholy?

Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Canadian National Exhibition celebrated 135 years. 65 years of an Annual Air Show. Beginning as Toronto Industrial Exhibition, it remains one of the top 10 Agricultural fairs in North America. Since we are commemorating the start of World War One, it served a s military and training camp for 15th Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery during the war-1914-1918.
The CNE has always been a fun place to go. Situated on Lake Ontario near the waterfront, it has brought generations of Canadians to its events.
From entering at the Princes Gate

to the many food stands

to rides,

to capturing famous landmarks like the CN Tower in pictures,
to the many signs that help find our way,
to the colourful variety of painted Muskoka chairs found everywhere,
to the FARM building with activities and pens of farm animals for children and adults to learn about our many farm activities,
the EX has something for everyone. Spending 6 hours of a Saturday with one daughter and her family, it was a wonderful time. The Air Show was on. The roar of the jets could be heard everywhere.
Difficult to try to see everything in one day but fun trying to get in as much as possible. Labour Day is the last day. Been to the EX lately!!


50 I started High School at Langstaff Secondary School in Thornhill, Ontario Canada. September 1964 was the first year of the school. So I attended the first Grand 9 and became one of many who completed the first 5 years from Grad3 9 to Grade 13 graduating class. There was the 5 year Arts and Science stream, the 4 Year Arts and Science stream as well as many business courses for those who would need typing, shorthand and other skills. We had to take 9 subjects each term with exams. Physical Education was a required subject. There were sports and extra curricular activities. The first year only went up to Grade 12 as students from other High Schools did not want to transfer to the new school. Students in the grades from 10 to 12 came from Richmond Hill High School and Thornhill High School. Many people did not like to have to transfer so there was a mixed feeling in the school. Mary Ellen McChestney was our very first Prom Queen as well as the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. She actually went on to become a teacher many years later at Langstaff. Why the Langstaff name? Actually it is a prominent name for the Richmond Hill-Thornhill area? There were many generations. On one of my photo shoots, I found  a Langstaff that served in the War of 1812.
The tombstone is located in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Richmond Hill Ontario. I enjoyed my High Schools. Met my husband Adolph there who, yes was my High School sweetheart. Made good friends and loved school and most of my teachers. As the school celebrates the 50th anniversary, I urge others who attended to tell their tales to the modern generation. The Langstaff name is a proud Canadian name. Who out there attended Langstaff? Please comment on this post if able. I would love to hear from you.

Friday, August 29, 2014


The last long weekend of the summer comes with mixed feelings. Yeah it's a long weekend and boo it's the last summer long weekend. Kids getting a last hurrah before heading off to school next week. Parents trying to get the last minute things done even though there is still lots of time to buy new clothes and school supplies. It would never fail, all is organized and once at school children needing something else or not liking the new clothes because all the other kids were wearing a different outfit!! Schools with school uniforms do solve that problem! The workplace starts all the committees again and the workload increases as everyone is back from vacation. The traffic-what can be said about the traffic. Everyone is back! Lucky for me with my walking, no need to worry!! In my younger days I used to spend the long weekend doing Fall cleaning. Now I spread it out over the Fall. Why waste the whole weekend? Depending on the weather, it will determine what will be done. I already decided the growth in the pathways will be managed in October with more weed killer- vinegar and salt to be exact. To put a good layer to absorb in the ground over the cold months hoping it will kill the unwanted growth. For many Canadians, a trip to the family cottages to enjoy the weekend. Although many cottages are now winterized and are used year round. There is a sadness in the air, however, as the transition to September changes the lazy days of summer to the activity level increasing. There are still farmers' markets with the summer vegetables diminishing and the fall ones starting to arrive. Apples and squash will be available soon!! Of course more meals on the back porch until the weather warrants bringing in the summer furniture. So the long weekend and its fun! So what will you be doing on the Labour Day Weekend!!!
Time for soups and sauces and roasts again. The barbecue does not go away yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


A house with a porch brings up reflections of times past. Sitting and reading. Watching children run around. A haven from the rain. Modern homes can come with newer versions of a porch. A railing to keep us from falling off if it is too high. Allows us be outside of the house while still being home. Life needs a porch for us to view the world while we keep our indoors safe and private. Places to sit and often pots of plants or flowers, decorating our porches can be as varied as the people that use them. What is on your porch? Do you even have a porch?