Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Friday, October 31, 2014


Halloween is always a fun way to end the month of October. It is also an end to sneaking those little chocolate bars bought at part of the treats to be given to those trick and treaters coming to the house. Even at work events have boxes of chocolate as treats for the event. Enjoying seeing all the children little and big in costume is a reminder of olden times- I mean the times I went out in costume. It was a night my mother would put makeup on me which I thought was great. One lady around the corner always made candy apples which ran out quickly when word got out. Adolph reminded me of those Halloween kiss candies given. How some people would give one candy or one peanut as the goodie for the bag! Then going home and the big people wanting to raid your bag. I am the pop lady- one can of pop and a bag of candies- 5-6 items to those who come to my door. If too many leftovers, they are taken to work for staff to finish them off. You understand- if left at home- well the two big kids here would only eat them! So beware of the ghosts and goblins but most of all be a kid at heart enjoying the day and the excitement of those young ones coming to you door!
                                             Enjoy all those little pumpkins- big and small!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


October 29th- What an amazing night! I attended the opening of the Special Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum entitled " Classroom to Community: A Century of Social Work in Toronto." Entering through the new doors on Bloor Street, a stringed Quartet was playing music to set the mood. Food stations, wine and conversation were the hit of the evening. Speeches of course thanking and acknowledging generations of Social Workers. Cheryl Regher once Dean of the Faculty is now the Provost for the University. Honouring the work accomplished in the city by Social Workers is written  in a book given to everyone who attended. Lots of historical pictures and text. The Faculty is now called- Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work due to a large donation by Factor-Inwentash to promote research and excellence in social work practice. Masters, Doctorate and post doctorate courses are the norm. There are combined degrees of Social Work and Law as well as Social Work and a MBA. Being with a room full of Social Workers was rewarding. Being asked by very young students- are you still working was challenging. They were younger than my daughters!! The fun of being downtown with the ambiance and lights, travelling home by subway to be picked up at the Finch station by my husband reminded me of my young days as a student. Hard to believe it will be 40 years in the spring since I graduated from the Faculty. I plan to take my granddaughter for a ROM visit and to see the exhibit to show her what her Nana did in her youth. Reflection of an education is always a good thing!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The lawn decorations. The costumes. The candies. Halloween has become a major event for little children and big ones too. The door to door trick and treating  is Friday. But many people have had parties and parks- major theme events- like Wonderland with its Haunted Halloween and Bruce's Mill with the Police Safety Village for the celebration. Across the country, costumes galore have jumped off the shelves for the night ahead of us. Doing it safely is always the goal. Going out in groups often accompanied by parents has become the norm. Checking all the candy and goodies before it is eaten is a safe practice. In my neighbourhood, I am the Pop lady. Give out a can of pop with a little bag of Halloween treats. I give goodies that are peanut and nut free. With two grandchildren with allergies, I try to be respectful of all children coming to my door. So enjoy Halloween. My tough decision-how do I dress to greet the kids coming to my door. Children love to see adults getting in the mood.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Life is like the street where you live. Each season brings a change of scenery. The trees grow. Neighbours become your friends then decide to move away and new people arrive. Of course, ripping out whatever the old neighbours had making the home new for them. Children grow up and leave. People become older then move away so younger ones can come. There is a sense of security knowing your area. Watching out for strangers. Protecting the children. But knowing to mind your own business. Appreciating the gardens and the work others do. Being a good neighbour and home owner. Doing one's duty to keep one's property clean and neat. Streets throughout the world are safe havens for their residents. What is your street like? How does it reflect the life you live?

Monday, October 27, 2014


Enjoying the Fall cleanup! Yes! Before we need it, the yard will be winter ready and just need to concentrate on indoor activities. More reading. Hand crafts. Organizing all the written projects like the family history binders. Checking out the best digital and computer program to organize online. I had a program years ago but did not understand it very well. With the change of computers, perhaps it is time to revisit it. The tedious task is inputting all the details- one person at a time. Never liked being a data entry clerk!! There is something pleasurable about revisiting the correspondence over the years from fellow family historians in hard copy form. Hard to squeeze all the work compiled  in single names on paper! Genealogy entails the whole story about a person and family not just the bare details. Like my cousin Roy who years ago provided information on his speciality- bugs and all the writings he had done. The information adds depth to the family's story. See- more than just a birth date and location.  So with one methodical project put to rest, the reorganization of the family history binders will begin. Of course, buying pretty coloured binders for the job was fun too. One of my goals is to write short articles for each of the genealogical societies where my family roots are located. So far 2 out of 8 are done. Unlike this blog that is easy and breezy to write- genealogical articles must be precise information, dates correct and the sources of all information must be cited. Some people believe those ads- just type in a name and your family history will emerge. Actually it is more like detective work. However if you are lucky, there is someone in the family that will do it for you. So the computer and sending files by email will take the work away! Eventually! Not today! Photocopying pages for interested parties is time consuming and expensive!! So one family line at a time will be scrutinized and reviewed. All the good tidbits and stories will be saved too! Like family letters written in a person's handwriting are so endearing. What are your plans now that the Fall cleanup is almost behind you? Do you have winter projects planned?

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yesterday, October 24, 2014 CPL Nathan Cirillo- our young army reservist killed at the War Memorial was brought from Ottawa where he was gunned down back to Hamilton-his home. In Ontario along a long stretch of the 401-the MacDonald-Cartier freeway- it is entitled the Highway of Heroes. Armed Forces personnel killed in action would travel this route from Trenton to Toronto. Canadians from every walk of life line the overpasses along the highway-many emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance, police cars and just ordinary citizens. Usually the procession of cars and the hearse carrying a body would go into Toronto to the Coroner's Office. The route yesterday went up the 404/Don Valley Highway to the 407/ETR to go to 403 into Hamilton. The outpouring of support was very intense. To have the procession go through York Region where I live was incredible. To see a sea of red and white- Canadians dressed in these colours and the flags- white and red with the large maple leaf in the middle made us proud from sea to sea to sea. The news crews fly overhead giving a detailed description of where the procession was for several hours and Canadians were waiting to honour this young man and give support to his family. It is what Canadians do. We are peaceful, loving people but when push come to shove, we care and honour our own. What happened this week will not change us! We have always been strong and free. To Canada, you made all of us proud this week. The families in Hamilton and Quebec who lost favoured sons this week know we love them and they will not be forgotten. Look at the memorial that opened in Newfoundland yesterday too. It honours all those lost in the Afghanistan mission. To all our responders-Armed Forces, police, firemen, cadets and those who serve the public in government services- Canada thanks you!
The Maple Leaf forever!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Pine cones make wonderful craft supplies. Alone in a basket or bowl on a table, the natural world comes indoors. Children love collecting them. Wreaths can be made from them or just one or two adds a touch to other wreaths or crafts. With two large bags of pine cones in the garage, I am ready to consider some crafts for the coming season. If too lazy, however, pine cones can be burnt in a fireplace on those cold winter days.
This is one wreath made with pine cones over the years. Maybe this year a pine cone wreath will be in your plans. Are you ready for some seasonal crafts?