Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Monday, September 26, 2016


There's a hustle and bustle in the air. School in full swing. Thinking about the next events like Thanksgiving. Turkeys are on sale. The Fall vegetables. Trees trying colour. Time for some photo opts! Of course, garden cleanup. Four bags to the curbs. Adolph needs to tie the branch bundles. A year to chop and cut back a very over grown and messy garden. Not fair to ask the snow to cover it up! It will still be there in the Spring. There is something about garden work. It clears the head. Chopping and bagging, no other thoughts, just slow methodical work. After a stressful and sad week, good for the soul. So busy to slow needed work. Slowly each week the garden is surrounding to Barb's efforts! Also slow efforts. No longer about to spend a whole day, now more like less than 2 hours and sometimes only 1! But like most valiant workers, every effort counts! Just doing something helps with the overall appearance. Like most tasks in life, getting started, doing and stopping when tired. Just to start over another day!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Sometimes we all need a reminder to live our lives well. Some say to the fullest but some days are harder than others. Celebrate all the small journerys. Laugh, cry, yell but live. Take the opportunities of every day to find a silver lining! It is good for the soul!

Friday, September 23, 2016


The never ending summer warmth has been such a blessing this year. September has allowed more outdoor eating and time to enjoy activities without jackets.
The trees are slowly turning to Autumn beauty. Driving is safe so country roads are manageable to meander. Even the drive to my daughter's home has some nice scenery.
Cranberries are ready-for eating with meals or baking or sometimes fun Fall crafts with children.
I think a trip to another market is warranted. Fall vegetables are ready for cooking so buying fresh from the farmers is still a pleasure.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


What ever battle your loved one is fighting- cancer, alzheimers, MS, ALS, old age- over time the illness wins. The body just can not take it anymore. As a clinician, I often hear by family or friends the loved one gave up. No they did not give up, the illness won. No one really wants to die and leave their loved ones. If there were another treatment, some more time, something else to try, it would have been tried. You be the strong one. You keep on trying. You keep the spirits up for your loved one. Take the pressure and energy off! No matter what-it hurts to your core to lose someone you love! Remember to take care of yourself!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Children like anyone learn by trial and error. The first time a bed is made, it usually lumpy. Swim classes teach that a child may have to do one level several time before completing it. A High School or University student tries out for a team and is not selected. Life has challenges but helping children learn to deal with the wins and the loses are lessons. Call on your own experiences of failure and how you turned it around. I reflect on my career and how many job interviews lead nowhere! Helping a child to keep seeing their strengths and worth is important. What skills to keep improving? What does the child really want to do? What does the child love? When a child wants to help a parent, let the child do it their way too! Let there be a mess! Let colours not match in clothes selection! Nevertheless take a step back and let the child try!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


With Fall around the corner, time to reflect on the 2016 summer. Hot and sticky would describe most of it. But great anyway. Farmers market trips, reading books, genealogy updates, crafts, time with the grandchildren and really enjoying those lazy, hazy days of summer. Feeling renewed and rejuvenated Fall bring it on. Already in the swing of trying to move forward with stuff. The decluttering of my life- stuff, garden, house and clearing the clutter in my head! Trying to keep the positive thoughts and discarding the negative ones. Letting go of the past- that clutter is hard! Photos from summer reviewed and maybe a photobook or scrapebook- haven't decided yet. Once review of the favourite photos is done, a photo journal post would be coming. Summer lets us relax. So trying to capture that feeling should be a Fall goal as well! What did you love about your summer? Or are you a Fall person with the cooler weather?

Monday, September 19, 2016


There are sports events year round. Of course, The Blue Jays- baseball, The Argonauts-football, The FC-soccer, The Raptors- basketball and The Toronto Maple Leafs- hockey. And the Marlies!

The Rogers Centre- I still like the name Skydome, oh well and the Air Canada Centre host many events.
 Just had a beach volleyball tournament held here with international players. Last year's Pan Am Games still resonate with me! Sports at younger levels have Elementary and High Schools and Universities playing their games. Track is good. Volleyball is good. And all sports that one participates. There are the amateur road runners and joggers out every day in the GTA. Then there are the walkers!
I think the Grey Cup is coming back to the city. So if not an athlete, at least there is lots to see and teams to applaud! How about your place- what are your sports? Do you enjoy the participation?