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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Growing in several spots of the garden, lillies of the valley with their little bell like flowers are delightful. The fragrance permeates making sitting on the back porch so enjoyable!
Once the flowers fade, the green stays in those areas of the garden that need a little green! do you have these perennials in your flower beds?


The warmer weather brings relief to parents. No more fighting with boots and coats and hats. Shorts and tshirts abound. However also bug season and now that ticks have arrived in many parts of Canada time to be vigilant about any of those insect bites. Good children's and adult insect repellent to take on any outings and even backyard adventures. A good body check at bath or shower time is a must. Even teach your children to show you any new marks or bites on their bodies. Just writing about it makes me a little itchy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. The garden at the Doctor's House in Kleinburg is great for family phots. The path leads to the little chapel where many weddings occur. Kleinburg is a sweet, cosy little town northwest of Toronto. Home of writer Pierre Berton it has a main street with stores and outdoor patios that welcome visitors. Having a lovely anniversary brunch was our excuse to be there on a Sunday afternoon. But for any gardener the pristine appearance of the grounds is delightful!


Celebrating a special anniversary and wanting some group pictures with the grandchildren was fun. It is hard to get everyone together. There is always one child that does not want to be in the photo. However the adults taking the pictures can be creative and find the missing one in the background or on the edge looking on. So in the picture! Ha!! One of my favourite group shots with my older daughter's family is my granddaughter pouting at the end of the couch. A group portrait- all four in the picture! I was able to get a prelunch snap while waiting in the front of the restaurant with everyone in it! Not too posy but a fun casual shot none the less! Now try to get a picture of more than 5 cats- yeah basically the same thing!!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Reflecting on life today, the image of treading water came to light. It seems much of life can be tasks to keep going. To keep afloat! Some think financially! Emotionally! Socially! There are high waves, rough waters and sometimes a calm sea! Our boat can float, rock in the waves or if overturned hanging on saves a life. Treading water by keeping our legs to our chest and our head held high so breathing happens. Each breath an opportunity to live! The life jacket! Keeps us floating! If orange visible to the rescuers!
Each life jacket containing what is needed to live- family, work, opportunities but mostly hope survival will occur. Hope for a better day or just another day! I pictured myself treading water today. I saw my head bobbing and breathing! Not fearful but calm. Somehow knowing life does go on! Keeping faith in God that a rescue, a solution, a creative thought, a loving family, work-meaningful whether paid, vocational, interests-, and smelling the roses or whatever flowers are available are part of my life jacket. So what's in your life jacket? What keeps you floating? Perhaps keep an extra one handy to give to someone around you that may need a rescue!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Frascati, a sweet little town about an hour east by train from Rome was a special little day trip when Adolph and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversay May 1996. It is in the Castelli region known for its wine. On the train ride, vineyards everywhere- those fields of grape vines terraced  on hills were seen.

The Villa Aldobrandini is shown in the top postcard. Every town and corner in Italy has a chuch. Chiesa del Gesu, Il Duomo and San Rocco are featured.

Castel Gandolfo is a summer home for the pope. Pope John was the one in 1996. Lots of fountains in every piazza of course.
A side view of the time of the town with the Campo sportivo- sports field.

More pretty views of the town and area. Little towns like this make venturing anywhere in Italy fun. Just watch some of those modern cooking shows with cooks wandering around Italy. The town is known for its porcetta-spiced pork! Hum, maybe a day trip some day for my cook!
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Celebrating a big anniversary, it made me reflect on other anniversaries. For our 25th anniversary May 1996, Adolph and I visited Rome for the week as well as one side trip. It was our second time in Rome! We came back again to Italy in 1997.What is wonderful about a large city like Rome is there is always something to see. Revisiting sites seen on other trips is always a must too.

The Vatican! Visited each time we went to Rome. We have been in the Vatican as well visited the Vatican Musuem. The Sistine Chapel of course is a must for every tourist under the sun.
The Trevi Fountain! And a lovely card from our daughter when she visited Italy.

Images around Rome. We had many adventures on a simple week's trip.

The next antedote is one of my favourite stories of all time. Although it has been written in an earlier post years ago, I thought I would rewrite it again. Usually brings a chuckle to everyone! Written in May 1996!Adlph's cousin Lillina had found the cheap traveller's hotel for us a couple of kilometres from downtown Rome. After spending a day in Cassino on the first leg of our trip, she brought us to the hotel at night.
" During our recent trip to Rome to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, my husband, Adolph, left our hotel room at his usual holiday hour of 5 in the morning to explore the neighbourhood and get a coffee. After arising at 6 and spending time washing, getting dressed and organizing our room, I started to question where he might by at 7:30. Shortly he returned stating " I got lost". He told me his tale of going to Piazza Unghiere that had many streets converging onto it. He bought a coffee, juice and buns for us then turned taking the wrong street to return to our hotel Porpora Villas. He walked down one street, sipping the coffee and eating one bun then another, wandering down another street realizing he was lost. Finally deciding to ask a Bar owner-like a coffee shop- for directions. In Italian, he stated, I can't find my hotel. The man asked" What is the name of your hotel?" I don't know, replied Adolph. " Okay what is the name of the street?" Adolph replied again, I don't know! The man surveyed him with his arms full of goodies, split coffee, sugar from the bun on his top and looking a little disheveleled. " You don't know the name of the hotel! You don't know the name of the street! Are you sure your hotel isn't that mental Clinic across the street?"

The story was repeated many times by his cousin. I think even today it gets a laugh at family gatherings.
Some of my favourite times in Rome are just walking around and exploring the side streets. Of course the gelato-ice cream at 4 in the afternoon and shopping are divine too!
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