Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yesterday, October 24, 2014 CPL Nathan Cirillo- our young army reservist killed at the War Memorial was brought from Ottawa where he was gunned down back to Hamilton-his home. In Ontario along a long stretch of the 401-the MacDonald-Cartier freeway- it is entitled the Highway of Heroes. Armed Forces personnel killed in action would travel this route from Trenton to Toronto. Canadians from every walk of life line the overpasses along the highway-many emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance, police cars and just ordinary citizens. Usually the procession of cars and the hearse carrying a body would go into Toronto to the Coroner's Office. The route yesterday went up the 404/Don Valley Highway to the 407/ETR to go to 403 into Hamilton. The outpouring of support was very intense. To have the procession go through York Region where I live was incredible. To see a sea of red and white- Canadians dressed in these colours and the flags- white and red with the large maple leaf in the middle made us proud from sea to sea to sea. The news crews fly overhead giving a detailed description of where the procession was for several hours and Canadians were waiting to honour this young man and give support to his family. It is what Canadians do. We are peaceful, loving people but when push come to shove, we care and honour our own. What happened this week will not change us! We have always been strong and free. To Canada, you made all of us proud this week. The families in Hamilton and Quebec who lost favoured sons this week know we love them and they will not be forgotten. Look at the memorial that opened in Newfoundland yesterday too. It honours all those lost in the Afghanistan mission. To all our responders-Armed Forces, police, firemen, cadets and those who serve the public in government services- Canada thanks you!
The Maple Leaf forever!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Pine cones make wonderful craft supplies. Alone in a basket or bowl on a table, the natural world comes indoors. Children love collecting them. Wreaths can be made from them or just one or two adds a touch to other wreaths or crafts. With two large bags of pine cones in the garage, I am ready to consider some crafts for the coming season. If too lazy, however, pine cones can be burnt in a fireplace on those cold winter days.
This is one wreath made with pine cones over the years. Maybe this year a pine cone wreath will be in your plans. Are you ready for some seasonal crafts?

Thursday, October 23, 2014


It will take more than acts of terrorism to change our great nation. Canadians coast to coast go about their days to make the Canada the nation it is-loving their families, working, helping their neighbours and mostly believing in peace. Our ancestors fought in wars to bring the life and peace we have today. I am sad that members of our Armed Forces lost their lives in these recent events. Mostly I am angry that there are beliefs in the world that have no respect for human life. Let all Canadians and people of the world pray, work and continue to believe in bringing better lives to all through good health care, education, housing and opportunities to work and put food on the table for families- love of life. Like Prime Minister Harper said- we will not be intimidated. Nor should you!
The Maple Leaf forever!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Parenting brings lots of work and busyness for any parent. Regardless of the help and participation Dads bring to the table, many tasks and activities continue to fall to Moms. Learning how to share the load and encouraging children-even little ones to do some tasks takes time and dedication. Often it is just easier to do it yourself!! However, there can be a banner carried secretly by showing the world- look at me, look at what I am doing, look at how busy I am- my busy is busier than your busy! Finding ways to find time to do things that are not parenting things can be difficult. Yes I know- many people have Nannies and full time housekeepers- those mothers have it very easy. I am talking about the couples who do it all themselves. The Mom with the full time job, cleans their own home and the numerous lessons is the one I worry will not know when to stop. Using other generations in the family can be helpful. My husband and I do provide some overnight babysitting so the couples in our lives can have a "date night" alone without the children. As long as they make a deal not to talk about the children. So Moms find ways to find yourself. Many women like the idea of gym time, go for a run or walk, clubs, committees or other activities outside the home that do not include their normal chores. For the generations before you- we get it, we have done that and been there. No one said raising a family would be easy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Time to put the boat away and plan for winter sports. The same water that enjoyed boating in the warm weather becomes a haven for the ice fishermen. Revisiting the same spot during all the seasons reveals the changing seasons. This little spot at Palmer Park in Port Perry at the south end of Lake Scugog,  is a favourite 1/2 day jaunt for Adolph and me. I took a little walk along the shoreline one last time this year, probably returning in the Spring. Do you have favourite places to visit? Photos during all the seasons can be a statement of life.

Monday, October 20, 2014


The Canadian geese take a little break from the flight south for the winter. Flocking up, they make for wonderful Fall images. Due to the warmer weather in cities, some actually stay around for the winter months. They can look good but for most beaches and homeowners they are very messy and dirty. Be sure to duck if a flock goes over!


Can you hear the swishing of the leaves as you walk along this lane? Do you feel the cool breeze on your face? As you gather some leaves to press in a book for a  project or just to have as a souvenir of the day, does the texture stimulate your hands? What do you smell?  Fall with its simple beauty is a regular phenomenon in Canada. Here in Ontario there is a joy of a simple country drive to see the colours- the reds, the oranges, the yellows- as the deciduous trees lose their leaves and sleep for the winter.

The green coniferous trees keep their green as markers on the woods' edge. A photo can not capture the feelings when viewed live but it tries.