Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014



With all the fresh fruit and vegetables of summer, it is a good opportunity to introduce or reintroduce them to a child's diet. Many children can be "picky" eaters and won't try new foods. Picking fruit with children can be a fun activity. We have many raspberry bushes so our little ones come along with us with their own container to pick the fruit. Since there are no herbicides, they can be eaten without being washed if necessary. Of course, as we all know children will eat right from the bush anyway. Going to local farms with activities for children and letting them buy some fresh items to eat later can be fun. Fresh veggies and dip add another element to the meal. One of my favourites is  peaches and chocolate ice cream. So adding fruit to a favourite ice cream can be another way to have children and even teenagers eat more. Platters or bowls of fruit that are washed and handy to eat can entice family members to try them. Even if the child says he/she does not like something, often seeing other children or adults eating something can be inviting. Especially if an older child likes something, the little one may follow suit. Texture can be an issue for some people. So fresh, cooked, mixed in with other ingredients are ways to include fruit and vegetables in meals. Time to add salad to a child's menu. Let the child build their own salad. Rip the lettuce, add some small tomatoes, slice a cucumber and whatever other ingredients would be wanted. Have the family salad bar handy. If the child just wants the lettuce or cucumbers, so be it. Yes adding some fresh fruit like sliced strawberries or blueberries to it makes it fun. One of my strategies with my grandchildren is to have activities that are tiring and at the end of those activities the platter of good food is accessible so they naturally reach for whatever is available- they're hungry.  What really works is not asking a child what they want to eat. Just prepare the food and present it and don't nag. You are a role model. So seeing family members eating foods that are new can be the lesson. Of course a cookie with a glass of milk works too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Summer flowers abound everywhere. At the side of a lake.
In the garden.
Wild flowers in the garden.
Even on the water.
Taking a camera and capturing images everywhere. Saving the best ones for years of pleasure.

Pots on city streets.
Aren't they pretty?

What summer flower images have you captured in your jaunts around town or the country? What would life be without flowers? My cousin Roy takes beautiful floral pictures. You can find his photos on Flickr photos stream if you want to see more Canadian flowers.

Monday, July 28, 2014


As the world begins to reflect on the 100th year anniversary of the start of World War One, are there lessons to be learnt. Actually throughout recorded history, wars and battles have been part of the human conscience. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Somehow it was not. For Canada and Canadians it was a conflict that defined us and the real idea of nationhood was upon us. Although fighting with the British as we were a member  nation of the British Commonwealth of Nations, our efforts and role stood out. Perhaps as historians remind us of the patterns of what leads to the major escalation of WW1, we can fast forward and wonder if the current conflicts in troubled spots could have the same impact. . We do not reflect on war to glorify it but to learn from its lessons. However, we must be poor students as the modern conflicts resemble the old ones in too many ways. For this blogger, I always think of the little children who deserve a chance to have a life. Hopefully with the United Nations Council, international dialogue may be helpful to try to bring a truce in the Middle East and Ukraine. Remember to teach little Canadians about Canada's place in the world and to support our Armed Forces today in their role in the world. Do you have any thoughts about this anniversary? Do you have family members that served in the war? Every town and city in Canada has a memorial site in their town square to remember those that did not return. How about your town? Do you try to see who served from your community?

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Making a day last by being busy with enjoyable activities is a wonderful way to fill a July day. Summer  presents many opportunities to take short jaunts or long extended vacations depending on what is on the agenda. A leisurely picnic at a favourite spot.
Of course with a picnic lunch made by Adolph.
Visiting a local winery and purchasing some white and apple wine.
Finding more barns and farms for pictures in my travels!
Oh summer time and the living is full of photo opts for later discussion and posts.
How is your summer going?


The Collingwood Farmer's Market was a quick visit during an early July jaunt to the area to be with the kids and grandchildren. Collingwood Ontario is a fun tourist area with summer activities and skiing in the winter. The local people are friendly and accommodating which is so typical of small town Canada. Adolph had a good look around while I bought some butter tarts and sausage for the barbecue later in the day. I love local history and always try to add to my knowledge of Ontario history. A local photographer- George Czerny had a booth with some photo cards and his book. I bought two which are good captures of the shipyards and some of the history of Collingwood's part in shipping on the Great Lakes.
I took a picture of Adolph with the ladies that made some hot sauce in the Trinidadian style.

It is good but very hot and spicy-adds kick to our food. Adolph has posted his trip to Collingwood.
Check it out! Oh the picture of the ladies is on that post!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Do you ever look at a large wheel with spokes with interest? The centre could be you or your family! The spokes the different areas of your life all connected but independent. Your skills! Your faith! your knowledge! Your life! On a larger scale like a community with the families, businesses, services all linked but separate- the town, the city, the street at its centre. When we look at the universe there are similarities too. Our galaxy with the sun at the centre! Did that inspire someone to make a wheel with spokes? It is interesting to see how one concept is used over and over. We learn from history that the invention of the wheel changed many things. Going round and round- wagons, irrigation systems, water moved to make a mill grind wheat and too many items to mention. How many things even in modern times use the wheel in varied forms! Even our lives are like a circle which is a wheel by another name? We often say life comes full circle. Rarely giving little thought to ancient themes or items that we continue to use today. Each generation thinks they have invented everything. But remember we do not have to reinvent the wheel!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Any trauma has the potential of causing hyper vigilance in a person. So what is it? It can be seen as over reacting to small events and worrying there could be an escalation to something more serious. For example, there has been an accident in the family so for awhile every time someone leaves the house there could be a worry it could happen again. Or the myth things happen in 3s! Not really but there is the fear to wonder what is next. If there has been a string of bad luck, waiting for the next thing. Time to stop and really catch all the things that go right. It is connected with anxiety. So subconsciously the fear is there and gets escalated to the surface connecting to a previous event causing anxiety in the present. Learning to identify what events continue to resurface in your life helps to deal with the present moments. For example if there has been a car breakdown or flat tire on a major trip or highway. Almost an accident. What to do! Well go to a car shop, service the vehicle before the trip. Buy some spare parts like fuses and a fan belt- a decent spare tire. Have a container of oil in the trunk. Do the little things that could help in an emergency then go for the trip and enjoy living. Understanding that events in our lives bring back the feelings of the events. Part of who we are! Sometimes the images of the event will play like a movie in our heads. Eventually the movie goes away but can reappear periodically. Fears connected to events in childhood can be analysed as an adult. Remember little events for children can bring bigger weight. As a child it is hard to be rationale about them but as adults we can restory the story about the event- identifying the facts and looking for the strengths we had in coping. To be human means we have been affected by life! Remember we all cope differently and what might be a trauma to one person, may not affect another the same. Your events belong to you. Just because someone thinks- oh that was nothing, listen to what happened to me, does not mean it was not difficult for you. Or well everything is okay now so what are you worrying about? Fears and worries remember can come out of us without even thinking so accept that there can be unwarranted fears in our lives but new coping and strategies to diminish the feelings helps us to live. Have you had some hyper vigilance in your life? Have you identified the events that have affected you?