Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Warm soups on a cool day hit the spot. The aroma in the home calms the mood. Along with a favourite bread or crunchy bun it can be a meal in one. With summer ending and fewer outdoor barbecues which actually are effortless dinners and one less pan or pot to clean, a soup or stew lets us swing into Fall easily. Adolph does not like to use a slow cooker but it is an efficient way to slow simmer food without the worry of burning it. A meal can be started early in the day and the cook can go about doing other projects knowing dinner is ready at any time. For the working woman, I loved to come home to my meal ready in the slow cooker. Of course now, I have my own cook so meals are my domain. On weekends though, I try to give Adolph a break and make a couple of meals.  Besides if home, a little stir can be done throughout the day and if needed a little taste. Simple home activities make for a beautiful life. Soups help with that life!  Of course, if one is sick- an old fashioned remedy to help with the healing process. What's your favourite soup? Do you even like soup? Homemade or from the can?

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You can choose whatever toppings you like. From your favourite pizza joint, homemade by you or a frozen one, the variety is huge. White flour or whole wheat! Vegetarian! Lots of sausage and pepperoni! Double cheese! Have it for lunch or for dinner or ever a midnight snack! Have it as often as you want! It's the variety and size that gives the choices. Thick or thin crust! Well done with a crispy bottom or medium done! No two pizzas must be the same. Can be enjoyed by a couple for a romantic moment, a crowd for a sports event or ordered/made and eaten alone. Pizza- a statement about life. Different combinations of toppings give a distinct flavour!  What would your pizza include? Do you even like pizza?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Each generation thinks it has reinvented parenting. The latest ideas and techniques are told by new parents. Looking closely not much has really changed. You are the parent and the child is the child. There are house rules and chores and homework. Lessons. Fitting in quality family time has always been a challenge. With both parents working, even more challenging. The use of Nannies has increased. I remember when my children were little many professional women had cleaning ladies and nannies. I did not! So being used to doing all my work in my home along with the children having some duties was necessary. How to speak to children has not changed? New  parents know how to yell just like the generations of parents previously did! Learning not to yell has always been an ongoing struggle for parents. Setting fair limits on any activity. Safety in the home is the same. Don't want the baby falling down the stairs so need gates! Teens must have the talk about sex, drugs and bullying!! In my day don't watch too much TV. In this day and age, get off the gadgets and look around at life. Actually talk to someone rather than texting! Adjusting to change has not changed. The transitions we all face can bring despair, depression and lots of anxiety. Having children talk about their day and their feelings can be like pulling teeth. Learning to talk with children rather than just asking questions can take time and skill. If you want your child to share his/her day, share a little of your day with your children. Know what to share too. If there is a major family crisis, keep the children in the loop at age appropriate levels of information. Many of the same issues have not changed. Picky eaters! Messy rooms! Talking back! Not liking this family! Lots of the same and more. Rather than trying to reinvent parenting, just parent! And yes don't hesitate to use the older generations around you, as they really do get it! So if you turned out okay, your parents and grandparents must have don something right!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Boredom teaches us to reflect and evaluate our lives. Why do we feel bored? Is the activity boring? Is it something we do all the time and it is a rote item? I try to do my routine "boring" things in between the activities that bring me pleasure. If I do some writing for example, then some household activities, there is more pleasure in the day. Besides getting up and moving around may bring some ideas to the project at hand.  I learnt many years ago not to waste the positive energy on boring daily pursuits. So when some enjoyable interests are done, then the vacuuming or laundry or weeding can be approached with a different degree of satisfaction and less energy. They are functions that are necessary and take time. So when sandwiched between fun things or rewarding enterprises, more gets accomplished daily. Shortlisting those activities to fit in the day and not make them the day. Rewards are good for us. Set a day, or a week or a month to get those boring activities done. For example,two weekends in October will take some of my hours cleaning my garage for winter. Junk has been moved from the house to the garage over the last few months. Another boring activity- sorting and eliminating stuff not needed. To be sorted and bagged! To the curb, to a charity or do we sell it!  The garden items will come into the garage and need to be organized. Hopefully there will be one big clean spot like last year for the car! It helps to have the plans for the activities that do not bring joy but are so necessary. It is okay to call them boring because maybe they really are boring! Even if we go sailing too much it too can become boring. So jazz up your life sometimes. Throw in some fun stuff so the everyday necessary activities can be approached. One might even find a way to enjoy them because they do not consume your life.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Monday mornings as the season changes and the lights need to be on as early routines are performed start to feel cumbersome. Get the day started so the work week will be in full swing again. Trying to pack 5 days into a 2 day weekend just does not work. I love it when I am on a roll with a project. However, the basic housekeeping tasks get done as it is difficult to do a project and clean at the same time. Unless of course the project is cleaning a corner of the house.  Writing projects mean sitting and writing, editing and rewriting. They always take more time than anticipated. Organizing some family history means being methodical and citing the sources which takes the time it needs to take. So My mind is on the tasks accomplished from the weekend. Too bad work must get in the way!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Christ and his disciplines made 13. Some family members were married on a 13th of the month. A nephew has 13 as his birthdate. I even lived on the 13th floor in the Married Student Residence at the University of Waterloo when first married. Why it is felt to be unlucky by some is perplexing? It is just another number. Odd number at that. Life does have its odd moments. So if one can have 13 of them, why not embrace them? Is 13 a good number or bad number for you? Or is it just another number?


The beginning of September brings a transition and back to school. Most people get a little down and wonder where did the summer go. Now mid-month Fall is around the corner and it is time to look and see what it will bring. Just reviewed a site of how to spruce up the home with Fall themes. One idea bring out your blankets and afghans for your various seating areas. It is one idea I embrace as I have many crocheted or knitted afghans for all areas of my house. Nothing works better than staying warm while watching TV or reading a good book. As a photography buff, there are many Fall images worth capturing. The colours present such an array of opportunities. Often found very close to home.
Country shots are bountiful. As with my picture from Fall of 2012 taken on a country road a few miles away is still one of my favourites.
Leaves make great backdrops to your photos. Collect some with family members-especially little ones and the craft opportunities are endless! Fall with warmer clothes and brisk walks providing a season to enjoy. I know Adolph is starting to make more soups, sauces and stews. My home is aromatic with the smells of such delicious food.
Trips to markets include the fall vegetables.
I love this field near me with its orange pumpkins ready for harvesting. Fall can be full of memories with all the Canadian Fall Fairs coast to coast and opportunities to continue to enjoy the outdoors. So why are you waiting? Get out and enjoy!