Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Fall Mums make the garden pretty until the snow flies. Filling up those corners of the garden where perennials have died. In lovely pots by the front at my house keep the colour of the garden flowing.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Adapting and accepting change is life. But changes can bring mood disorders too. We often think of seasonal disorders in the winter. Going from summer to fall can bring melancholy also! The summer like Christmas has so much hoopla and expectations of being so wonderful. Even if a good time was had, being over brings those thoughts of depression, anxiety and a little bit angry of being over. Life goes back to the normal. The normal may not be so exciting. At work, all those meetings that were on hiatus start up again. Packing school lunches! The days are slowly getting shorted so sitting outside until 10 is no longer an option without some lighting. Knowing our moods can be affected by the seasons is the first step. Accept the fact it is okay to feel down! It is okay to be slow to embrace change. The start of the school year is exciting for children but all those lessons start again. Getting back in the groove takes some energy and time. So lots of healthy eating and sleep are two helpers! Remember trying to pack too much in every day only adds to your stress. So concentrate and organize what really must be done and what has the most meaning to you and your family life!
                                  There are always the summer memories to relish!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


As parents scramble to enjoy the last weeks of summer and prepare for school, this blogger is doing the same. Some more weeding of drawers and shelves. If I have not used it in 5 years time to think about what to purge. Genealogical notess that have not been read especially computer printouts, well to recycling. Besides the websites exist and I can find the information anytime. Pictures, photos from 20 years of flowers and other stuff- purged about 500. Kept all my people pictures. What I have done over the years is send any that are not immediate family to other family members.  Besides some of the flower and scenery ones were not that great. Now any sumbolic photos cans be saved in my photo gallery and occasionally if one is good can print it. Hoping once I figure out my new scanner, can scan pictures to files for further use or to share with others without printing etc. The learning about my new expensive scanner is definitely a September project and job. I have lots of finished genealogy stuff to scan and file and try to send to others in my family groups. So family have patience! So 9 days of August to enjoy! More jazz in the plaza, babysitting the grandchildren on an up coming week's vacation, walking and sunning. Dragging Adolph to another farmers market for his blog! Writing and more writing. Forcing myself to work on one paternal line, computer file and send to family! It is so hard to be disciplined about it.  I chart and write so much at work that sitting at my home computer feels like work and not fun! Any ideas on how to make it fun! For me research is the fun part. Finding a new piece of information. Or am I just kidding myself- it is really work!! So the end of summer is in the air! Yes the home rennovation projects continue. The garage door is finally painted! I supervised, Adolph did the work! Feeling the urge to try to cram more summer into the days! Then I have to remember July and August are just 2 months of the year. The other months are good too. It just seems that summer is the real preferred time. Oh to find a space to relax and remember it is summer! If we are lucky, fall may bring Indian summer! Now that's a thought!

Monday, August 22, 2016


Our lives are our individual journies! As part of a larger collective, our families, our communities, our countries, we also journey along with others. By staying unique we add substance to the greater good. Our houses can look similiar but inside we decorate and live as we chose. We can bring individual style to the standards of care in our practices. The importance is to surround ourselves with people with similiar goals and values that do no harm to others. It makes it easier to live and to be. Yes in families there can be the black sheep! But maybe it is better to distance ourselves from others if the air is toxic. Living and enjoying our lives is an important goal! All together it can be a better life!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Exceeding the number of medals expected which means there were a few unexpected. If we count all the personal bests, valiant efforts and 4th, 5th, 6th place finishes it was a great Olympics for those that went. For some just finishing the event or race was important too.  Families, home towns, schools where they attended, provinces and the whole country is proud. Go Canada Go! You made us proud.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Okay everyone procrastinates sometimes on something. Pushing past the urge to leave something and not do it takes dedication. Some tasks are really boring so it makes sense that the energy is not there. So divide the task into parts and complete each part in a timely fashion. For me it is typing information over again. Yes there are saved files but often it is easier to print a draft, review and redo. Forcing oneself to get things done is the best rule. At work it is another story, always start with the toughest case, chart and go to the next one. Or see all my people then chart at one time. Electronic charting is great because cases from different floors can be charted on one computer- just go to the individual floors in the computer find the person and chart. At home the genealogy stuff is my nemesis right now. Love research and finding the information. Writing up the stories because it is methodical is the tiring part. Thinking I have all the details then realizing I need the exact resource citation takes time and is the boring part. There is the realization that some information has been taken as gospel, need to prove the detail. Nice weather calls me outside to read and cat nap in the shade. So being inside in my computer room plugging away can be difficult. The more I get done the less to be done in busy September! But then summer reading was on my agenda so I have not really procrastinated there. So maybe that's the real trick- just find something enjoyable and easy to do- voila- no procrastination! How is your troubles with procrastination going? What is your solution to the age old problem?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Rio Olympics have had its share of ups and downs for our athletes. As young children watch our athletes compete and try for a medal, there is often a few that get very inspired to say maybe I can do that too. Feeling proud for one's country and yelling- Go Canada Go! My grandchildren were thrilled with some track events and swimming on a recent sleepover. It was good for me to see them so interested in the events. More than just sports- geography, history, math- are some of the concepts that can be reviewed as the events unfold. Even hearing the different languages spoken by the athletes can lead to a willingness to learn another language. Learning about the hard work, training and dedication to a sport are life values and skills that children may absorb by osmosis. Needing to move and get out there - off the couch and off the gadgets! Knowing the names of the winners! The overall feeling of pride in one's nation is a good thing for our children! Olympics with its many lessons of life!