Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Children need the stability of a family group. Parents are the most important but extended family that includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins bring depth to life. Sometimes family friends are more like family than real family so those relationships are vital too. Exposing children to many generations illustrates the circle of life to them. Knowing they have a place in a family group. Oh yes there can be dysfunctional members or the whole family can seem dysfunctional but it is a base to begin. Children can grow up and leave the family if wanted. If you want your children or grandchildren to want to be around you than be a parent or grandparent that understands your own needs not displacing them on others. Knowing yourself and feeling comfortable in our own skin can help others want to be around you. Children like most of us need unconditional love. They do not have to be smart or even beautiful but the fact they are in our lives can bring joy. Be the family member to whom  children want to tell their stories. Want to show their art work! Want to be around! The small simple activities bring the lifetime of memories. In my life, Saturday night was card night for my folks and one of my favourite people-my Uncle Norman or Unc as he started to be called-along with my Auntie Lynne. They would play cards, argue, laugh and well a simple time. Coffee and snacks! I usually did my homework or watched an old movie on TV. There was a good feeling in the house. A simple memory but a good one! So don't be afraid to do less rather than more with the children. Even last Saturday, my precious granddaughter watched the movie Grease for the first time with me. It was joyful watching her experience with a classic musical! So old can be new again! Creating a positive family group does take effort but it is worth a life time of happiness or sometimes dysfunction! But it is your family-warts and all!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Spring cleanup brings a blend of two seasons. More raking of leaves and bagging to make room for the new growth in our gardens. April work brings payoffs for the rest of the summer. I find there is so much work now but my goal is to have the gardens looking good so when the warmer weather arrives I can sit and admire them. Spring with its burst of energy is needed to give us permission to rest during the summer months or at least do some minimal work to get by. A time of renewal and growth! Energy! Creativity! Planning! With the change comes a change in attitude! Being outside! Walking, running, biking, playing! If lucky, put a favourite chair on your porch to have a little afternoon nap! How is your Spring going?

Monday, April 14, 2014


Reunions are fun. A time to get together and chat with old friends and acquaintances. Promising to make it an annual event. Like my lunch on Saturday, meeting up with High School friends and catching up with our lives. Reconnecting with different parts of our lives allows the past to give meaning to the present. Rather fun. It doesn't matter that we are all older because we are older at the same time. I liked it. Sometimes being with too many young people spins my head. All the concern about wrinkles and how young they want to look-"do I do collagen or get a face lift or big lips"-well you get the picture. My High School group feel just comfortable in their own skin, thank you very much! So we look a little older-well we are older! Then there will be Easter with some family members sharing food with us at the table that have not been with us for the longest time-reunion! I like meeting all the people I can in my life-warts and all. Accepted with my flaws and accepting others with their flaws! Are you planning a reunion soon? If so, just sit back and make it simple. Be thankful there are people in your life that want to be with you and you with them! Like life's circle! Nice to go to the other side of it sometimes!


The Ice Storm of 2014 brought initial damage and hydro outages. Everyone rallied and supported each other. With Spring arriving the whole impact of that event continues to surface. While cleaning up my yard and area of the smaller branches, some thoughts came to mind. Life can bring a major crisis that is seen and felt. It is the small pieces of the aftermath that may need attention and "cleanup". For example, when a loved one dies, the beginning is coping with the grief, the funeral, the other family members and sometimes going through the motions. The following months and sometimes years, "the cleanup" of the little things continue to keep the event present. Often life is just permanently changed and not always for the better. As can be seen with the number of trees cut down or decimated with a trunk with a couple of branches still standing. Moving on from major events takes perseverance, work and patience. Continuing to talk about the event with trusted friends can help. Currently, people are discussing their Spring cleanup of branches, do they cut down a tree and often just how many trees they lost. Families often talk about how many people or the"trees" in their lives that are missing too. We all face some major events-whether natural disasters, deaths, job losses, divorce and even the empty nest syndrome. Do we feel like there are "broken " branches? What do we do with them? How do we move on? Can we live with the sense that life will never be the same? Then like nature and trees, there can new growth, different from the old but new. A chance to rebuild, see beauty and take on the new. What can be amazing is even decimated trees try to survive! Little shoots grow from chopped spots turning into new branches! Reflecting back on major events in my life from the time I was 4 to the present, there is a realization of many broken branches but also new growth and the wonderful premise that life does give us many new chances when we are able to grasp them. Ah patience-yes I have it! My forest of life may have some interesting trees but it is still standing which is most important, isn't it?

Friday, April 11, 2014


A staircase has a beginning and an end. Depending on where you are- i.e. at the top or the bottom- the view changes. The perspective varies. Sometimes we are at the top and other times the bottom but can be in the middle too! Stairs let us go up and down all day if we want thus giving a new view periodically. There is a choice often to use an elevator and forget the stairs! Using the stairs work our muscles! Could a staircase give us some wisdom about life or is it just a staircase? What do you think?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of the most enjoyable things about going to a beach is finding shells or other objects. I call them my beach finds. Little treasures that wash up to shore or in the shallow part of the water. Walking and looking and finding! Life can have many beach finds. But we must take the time to explore and find them. Sometimes we pass by significant finds and only notice on our way back. As a child we camped at Rock Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario. It was a spot that First Nations people used a stop on a canoe route. They also must have made arrows too. I have a little collection of pieces of flint from their work. One of my best treasures is a little arrow head that must have been used to kill birds due to its small size. A beach is that zone between water and land. Many of us face transitions in our lives like a beach. We stand and look over the water trying to decide to wade in or stay on the land or sometimes just walk on the beach neither going forward or backwards. Still experiencing and finding our "little treasures". What are your beach finds? What little treasures have you found? Do you sit on the beach or wade in the waters?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Safety with children is necessary with each season. As the snow melts over the country, the bikes and skate boards are visible everywhere. Playing outside and near streets becomes a norm. Parents need to review the safety rules. Looking both ways before crossing the street. Riding your bike wearing a helmet and watching for other riders. A biker hitting a pedestrian can do danger. Trying not to be distracted. Wearing ear plugs drowns out any street noise but it also does not let all the sounds you may need to hear to be safe. Walking and playing with your cell phone does not allow attention to any dangers. Looking! Seeing! Hearing! And smelling! Teach your children to be alert by knowing their senses. Being outside is healthy for everyone. Dog owners remember to poop and scoop! With the melted snow, the evidence is clear not everyone is a decent pet owner. No one wants to step in any! Have your own family safety rules. Oh yes-adults teach the best when we set an example! Be a role model for your little ones and teens. So no distracted driving either! If your area has some flood warnings, have a safety plan for yourself and your children. Prepare a bag or two in case of evacuation! Safety thinking and preparation is a way of living! Enjoy and try to prevent those unfortunate accidents.