Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Taking children to events and watching how others react to various scenarios is interesting. At an adult event and finding those adults with less attention and social skills than young children does not surprise me. Going to Jazz in the Plaza Tuesday nights- a fun two hour outdoor event with rows of chairs, some table and chairs while others bring their own chairs gives time to observe the behaviour of about 200 people. Arriving early, I secure a chair and a spot where I can see the group. Made the mistake one week of sitting behind two big heads so every time I moved my head to try to see the person in front of me moved too. Found another spot at break time.
So the people that arrive 20 minutes late expect those with an empty chair beside them to move over for them. One big woman with a man with a walker and another walking with a cane was very disruptive. The gentleman would not move over for her in the middle of the row so she nudged two other women to move over. Stayed there for 2 minutes then eyed a chair on the edge and left to position herself near the front, plowing through a row there and brought her two people. After a 15 minute break when the group had started again, she gets up, walks across the front to go to get drinks for her people, of course walking across the front and disrupting the group playing! I'll watch out for her next week.
Then the guy with the big dog who comes half way through the night, parks himself and dog next to me, pulls out his book to read. Loves the attention his dog receives by some but does not notice how many people avoid going by him. Hardly listening to the Jazz. Others bring their dogs too. Last there were barking dogs, at least this time no barking!
One couple come after break with their big stroller with two children blocking some people behind them. The Dad feeds the toddler while the mother goes for ice cream. Between each spoon he is checking his cell phone. Then of course, they have the children dancing to the music and looking around to see if everyone is as excited about their two children as they are.Why didn't they sit at the back where they would not block anyone?
The majority of the audience sat in their seats, clapped and enjoyed the music. There are some attendees who know each other and exchanged hugs. But all the moving around by some, the getting up and down was quite disruptive.
Is it because it is an outdoors event? I was glad I did not have my grandchildren. They would have been telling me that some people are rude Nana. Why does that lady think she can arrive late and rearrange people to her liking? Of course my oldest granddaughter would say I will not move.
I enjoyed the music but more being by myself to listen and observe. Perhaps I should make an observation sheet and do a little psychological study of the behaviour exhibited.
There is something about buying a ticket and the seat assigned is yours for the event. Maybe next time I'll bring my own chair!
Yes the Jazz is good and fun to be at an event in the summer time!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Even a mundane street comes alive with containers of flowers.
Simple annual flowers!

Spring bulbs!
Little pockets everywhere of colour!
Flowers dress up famous fountains!

Military sites are softened with flowers.
Just look around and discover the beauty of the little flower!

Monday, July 25, 2016


Quilts at the Creek was a fun event last Saturday.
Quilts were hung everywhere. A display that included a variety of quilters as well as different guilds.The York Heritage Quilters Guild was a big sponsor.
Just the beginning.

The Shop'Round the Corner had ready made products as well as supplies. I bought some wonderful items.

The Town Hall featuring two quilts was the home of the Quilt Talks and Trunk Shows. I partook in one talk- Brit Dowson of B.A.T. House spoke about Thread Enhancements and shared many of her projects with us. A Trunk show is basically the items a crafter makes- it is what would be in the person's trunk of items.
Thank you Brit!

Continuing along the road of the village brought the joy of more quilts.

 The grounds and gardens were abound with quilts.
There was even a bridal party.

Quick where is that wedding quilt for a possible background!

The detail in the quilts was incredible. Traditional, modern, piecework, applique! The variety! The colours.

There was a marketplace of suppliers. One store I know from Newmarket- The Quilt Store so bought some fabric there.
I chatted with another person- Norah.
Her business called Sew Little Time was started when her child was little.

Quilts Visit her website for more interesting ideas.

So after purchasing fat quaters in my coral and purple shades from several people for an oncoming project to use in my next place, I saundered along the road of the village taking copious pictures of the beautiful quilts.

Black Creek Village was a wonderful backdrop to display the quilts. A hot day but no rain made it doable and bearable.

The Log Cabin design is one of my favourite quilt designs. I made twin quilts for the girls when they were little. Seeing the variety just gave some many possibilities.
Quilters are an interesting group of people. Quilts connect us not only with the past but the present and gives joy for the future. The quilt can be a blanket or a beautiful wall hanging for decades of enjoyment. Since I took 150 plus photos, it was impossible to include them all in this post. I can use them for future posts and themes. Need to include one more though!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


As the sizzle of this hot, dry summer has turned the grass to yellow, the faithful Hosta plants keep the garden green. Such a hardy perennial in a Canadian garden. It seems to thrive without much water too.

Friday, July 22, 2016


As work mates head out for their vacations, there is often a reminder of past events. One person loves to camp in Ontario. As a child our family camped in Algonquin Park for weeks each summer. Our favourite spot was Rock Lake. There were two campgrounds- we always stayed in a spot on the north end campground. I loved it as it was one of the spots the Algonquin Indians would use on their canoe routes. Subsequently walking along the natural beach over the years I would find pieces of flint and even a small whole arrowhead. My siblings found items too which my mother said should be donated to the Park natural museum. The museum had its share of stuff.  I never donated mine but kept them. Some of my little treasures to this day. Tha last time I stayed at Rock Lake was 1973. We don't camp anymore but it sure would make a nice little trip to revisit some of those spots- staying in a lodge or motel! The parks in this country are bountiful. Camping and camp gear is  a major industry! Do you camp? Come to Canada and discover its beauty!
Do you like the cards from an earlier post on Algonquin Park? I like them because they are from my childhood. Look at the campground one and try to identify how old the car may be!
The other wonderful adventure in camping is interacting with the wildlife that can be found. I remember stopping on the side of the highway to take a picture of a deer! Do you have similar memories? You can visit my post from June 26, 2011 for more details.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Summer time can be very competitive. Where are you going? What trips do you have planned? You do this but I am touring Europe or taking the expensive cruise or rebuilding a house. For those of us with little need to compete, less can be more. For some reason I am embracing the simple things of this July. They make me happy. Sitting outside for dinner. Reading books. Continuing my walks. Fresh fruit and vegetables of the season.Taking in local activities- like Tuesday night Jazz in the Plaza in Richmond Hill. Over the top events can be meaningful and very happy times- like a family wedding, a special anniversary, a graduation- well you get the picture. The happiest people are those that find the everyday happy moments. Stopping the
thinking, I am missing out on something. Make the little somethings the fun. Oh yes, plan and do those big events with lots of hoopla. But the taste and delight of that first cup of coffee in the morning can be savoured too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Trying to find a summer job that pays can be difficult for young people. During High School where tuition money is not needed yet, many teenagers find volunteer experiences to gain some needed entry into the adult world. At our hospital there are dozens everywhere performing different needed tasks. One of the most important is helping people find their way around the place to get to the needed scheduled appointments. Engaging with people is a huge important life long skill. Young energy is good to see and good to feel. It's an investment for the future. Many fast food places also employ teenagers. So be kind to those young people trying to find their way in the world.