Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Any trauma has the potential of causing hyper vigilance in a person. So what is it? It can be seen as over reacting to small events and worrying there could be an escalation to something more serious. For example, there has been an accident in the family so for awhile every time someone leaves the house there could be a worry it could happen again. Or the myth things happen in 3s! Not really but there is the fear to wonder what is next. If there has been a string of bad luck, waiting for the next thing. Time to stop and really catch all the things that go right. It is connected with anxiety. So subconsciously the fear is there and gets escalated to the surface connecting to a previous event causing anxiety in the present. Learning to identify what events continue to resurface in your life helps to deal with the present moments. For example if there has been a car breakdown or flat tire on a major trip or highway. Almost an accident. What to do! Well go to a car shop, service the vehicle before the trip. Buy some spare parts like fuses and a fan belt- a decent spare tire. Have a container of oil in the trunk. Do the little things that could help in an emergency then go for the trip and enjoy living. Understanding that events in our lives bring back the feelings of the events. Part of who we are! Sometimes the images of the event will play like a movie in our heads. Eventually the movie goes away but can reappear periodically. Fears connected to events in childhood can be analysed as an adult. Remember little events for children can bring bigger weight. As a child it is hard to be rationale about them but as adults we can restory the story about the event- identifying the facts and looking for the strengths we had in coping. To be human means we have been affected by life! Remember we all cope differently and what might be a trauma to one person, may not affect another the same. Your events belong to you. Just because someone thinks- oh that was nothing, listen to what happened to me, does not mean it was not difficult for you. Or well everything is okay now so what are you worrying about? Fears and worries remember can come out of us without even thinking so accept that there can be unwarranted fears in our lives but new coping and strategies to diminish the feelings helps us to live. Have you had some hyper vigilance in your life? Have you identified the events that have affected you?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Emergency services are always there for any issues affecting our children.  We are lucky in the GTA to have the Hospital for Children in Toronto. Experts in every field connecting with other world experts to provide wonderful assessment and care. Local hospitals providing the treatment and assessing if  a specialist is needed. Sometimes avoidance for a trip to an emergency department is considered because "of the wait"! Well go anyway as it is the place to be and assessment does take time. Let the medical team make the decision if the child needs to be there. Consider this if  you arrive and several health care professionals get a very serious look on their faces and move very quickly it means there is a problem. In Canada, we triage as a 1 to 5. So if you are a 1, in you go very quickly. 4-5 there is the fast track area to try to get the patient out in under 2 hours for those minor concerns like stitches . With many urgent clinics with sophisticated diagnostic resources being built, there is another route to immediate care. But be prepared as a trip to the local hospital may still be warranted. Parents- no matter how careful and safe you may try to make your child's life, accidents and emergencies do happen. Don't beat yourself up! You are an important part of the health care team. Knowing your child and medical history is paramount. Perhaps keep a photocopy in your purse or wallet with that pertinent information. When grandparents are babysitting, copies of the health card and information would be helpful too. So everyone is on the same page. Remember your local hospital is open 24/7! Don't hesitate to use it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Gazebos are one of those backyard or park or historical building items on the lawn. Usually
 an octagon shape, it is multi sided. Air flows through but it could be shelter from the rain.
Nice spot for wedding or family or special occasion photographs. Usually made of wood, it stands the elements well. Seen as pretty and not always the most functional piece to have, it adds character to the spot wherever it is located. It can be painted white like the one at the retirement home near me. They hang pots of flowers on their gazebo. A nice one by the lake at Niagara on the Lake-if angled correctly a photo can have the lake in the background. It just sits there but attracts attention from the visitor. If lucky to have one in your yard, it can be a quiet place to read a book with your favourite drink to sip. Entertain guests or play with the grandchildren. It can be a retreat from the world or invite the world to join you. Do you have a gazebo? If you don't, would you want one? If so, what would you do with it?

Monday, July 21, 2014


To be by a lake, or in a canoe, listening to water fowls make their music! Country and all its glory! Summertime, don't you just love it?


Little things can slow us down. A car repair! A temporary health issue!  Water in the basement! Well you get the picture. Stops us and makes us be creative in how to cope! Humans are amazing and finds ways to adapt. Often there is no real choice. Life has changed and so we must go forward. But things never happen on a good day. We are all busy with life and things to do and places to go. Coping, adapting, adjusting easy words but sometimes hard to do the walk. Then there are vacation weeks that come to an end and the need to return to work and whatever waits- in the email, in the voice mail and direct contact. Why is it when  colleagues are away they do not care how busy you were? When returning from a vacation, aren't we often met with how busy it was, so hectic, run off our feet! I usually just smile as it is just the normal work. Well I am back so everything should be better! Right? Are little things slowing you down today?

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Sometimes the tragedies of the world make our hearts ache. Then there are tragedies close to home. When we hear numbers in a major event, nothing hits home like hearing about one person who was lost and what that one person meant to his/her family, friends and community. Then it means more. Since knowing that all the others had similar stories to tell and would be missed by their loved ones too. So the Malaysian airliner bombed out of the air. Families from 11 countries but mostly the Netherlands and Australia are very heart broken today and will feel this loss the rest of their lives. One thing to crash but another to be part of an act of terrorism. Children-too many lost. Parents for some children lost too. I don't know those people but am feeling heart broken for them. Too many sad stories! Thoughts and prayers to them all!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Five years ago, there was a fire in the Glen Rosa subdivision where my folks lived in Westbank, BC or West Kelowna as it has been renamed. Evacuated, we did not know where they were for 4 days. Perusing the news reports and all the pictures, I have a binder of picture of the fire and many of them include my parents' home and even one of the jeep with my Dad leaving his street. The car that crashed that day on the news was my Mom's car but she was fine. We did not know this until days later. With the fires burning in Canada today, one can not help but think about how fire and forest fires really affect people's lives.
Lake Okanagan not far from their home where helicopters could retrieve lots of water to douse the fire.
See the black in the distance, taken in 2011 on a visit. Fire fighters and civilians saved the Mill which you can see was very close to the Mill.

At the top of a ridge beside the highway, there is a kiosk that has 4 panels commemorating the fire and efforts made. My parents' home had a hedge burnt, some panels on the side of the house melted and some water damage from the helicopters saving their home. I am sure others in the neighbourhood have their own tales to tell.
Forest fires can often be prevented if humans are careful. Some do start from lightening strikes which can not. So as this fire season tends to be bad for many parts of the country, let's hope everyone stays safe. Here's to the firefighters that work hard every day- urban and country saving lives, homes and try to contain the massive forest fires.