Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Preparations are under way for the Easter weekend with some cleaning of the living and dining areas. More to do before it looks pristine. Weekends are short so trying to divide my time between creative projects and regular housework takes lots of energy. No wonder I throw my hands up at times and take a nap. Yesterday proved that more cleaning can be done than writing! No thinking just grit! Writing and sorting notes then rewriting  takes a slower process. Seeing one pile of papers smaller does not look like much has been done. A room however cleaner shows itself differently! And well- smells and feels cleaner. Cleaning is nice when the doors and windows can be open to let in the fresh air. With a wind chill of -20 yesterday, it could not be done. Taking small piles to the garage comes next with the decision- what do I do with that stuff! Detaching emotionally from things is a harder endeavor than imagined. Things bring up memories but like the Ikea ad with the lamp by the curb- it's just a lamp! So with non-consequential things, they are just things! April will be bringing sorting and downsizing stuff in drawers and closets. I promised myself if it has not been worn than to a charity it must go. I do wish I had that item on my bucket list- a cottage because many things would be good at a cottage! Perhaps someone else's cottage will suffice! Spring does bring a bounce in one's step. I actually found I accomplished quite a lot yesterday with even 4 hours of babysitting for three grandchildren squeezed in there. Don't worry I am smarter than you think. The next work week is 3 days- a conference day on the Thursday and Good Friday- a stat day so if I do exhaust myself- only 3 work days which are manageable! But it is like Spring is in the air as I did not have this energy a month ago. The light! The fresh air! The tiredness of winter being over despite the cold lingering outside! Spring with its expectation of renewal, refresh, review and often reflection! Remember with all the work and busy-ness of Spring that one can slide into Summer with its lazy days! So get cracking with the Spring cleaning or cleansing or decluttering or whatever you decide to do. Then those quieter projects like writing can be tackled again! Or reading a good book or going to a movie! Your choice since it is your energy!

Friday, March 27, 2015


With the crash of the German plane in the Alps, the question- why did he do it? Take away the crash element and make it simple- it was murder. So why do people murder anyone? Too often we try to get into the head of a killer. We probably will not have a definitive answer. The word depression has been thrown around. So let's be good and not think everyone with a clinical depression would be capable of doing what the co-pilot did. Most people with depression are more harm to themselves- not others. Keep it in perspective and say it was one person! People suffering from any mental illness carry so much stigma as it is! People with depression need the necessary supports to help maintain quality of life. Will we ever really know what motivated the man? I would rather focus on supporting and offering condolences to the many families who lost loved ones. Are they getting the attention they need to grieve? The French and German authorities have been quite transparent in their investigations which speaks volumes. The support they are giving to the families is so caring and compassionate. Their leaders are democracy at work- a tough time! The week with a tragedy like this crash stops us all in our tracks. I think I just want to give extra hugs to my family. How about you?

Thursday, March 26, 2015


There are many different fears. Fear of flying is one of them. My mother always took gravol before a flight as flying made her nervous. Since Dad was an airline pilot it was somewhat ironic. Flying is a very safe way to travel. Regardless of the plane crashes that occur, the number of planes in the air every day supports the notion. Pilots and crew are very well trained personnel. They are medically checked regularly. They must practice and know their routines. The aircrafts are checked before every flight. It may be the lack of control that brings the fear. One sits in a seat and someone else flies the plane. However, it is really the same on a bus or train. Only when a driver in a car is control feasible or walking or riding a bike! So why do people fear flying? Interesting- probably as many answers as there are people. Since I grew up around pilots and pilot talk, I know the safety rules- in the air and on the ground. I feel comfortable in a plane. It is the takeoff and landings that are the most critical times. Yes it is always nice to be safely on the ground again!! When there is a crash and so many people affected, the fear factor rises for many people. It is sad. So dealing with the sadness makes us all feel a little vulnerable. Facing our fears in life does take courage. So on your next flight, realize there are many people at the airport waiting for the plane that may have such fears- cut them some slack!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


As families return from those March Break vacations and staycations, many return with colds, fevers and little bugs acquired while away. All the fun and stress of enjoyment and togetherness also brings sickness too. Confined in hotel rooms and airplanes can bring a new set of germs. Hard to tell working parents to relax, rest and renew your energy. Many return to work with assignments on a desk. However at home, it could be a time before the Easter weekend to go to bed earlier, drink plenty of liquids and eat healthy. Take care of any little illness before it becomes larger. The weather changes does not help as the warm to cool to winter conditions to warmer days are a pool of germs waiting to happen. Trying to get fresh air away from others does wonders for the body! Remember even good times from travel bring many stresses- like the airport waits! So slowly get back to your routines- don't push yourself Mom and Dad! Hold onto that relaxed vacation feeling! Of course there are always pictures!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I was corrected recently for the phrase to say- Be careful what you wish for! Not much difference in meaning. Sometimes others can be a little anal with old idioms. Ask, wish, want! I even read a article once- Be careful what you pray for! Basically, if we throw desires out to the universe we might get what was asked but not quite what we needed and really wanted! I remember a colleague once being happy her manager was "walked out"! I looked at her and stated be careful what you asked as the next manager might not be better for you but actually worse! She seemed perplexed. So many people at work- I can't wait until I am retired! Of course coming from people in their 30s or 40s! Don't they know life is being wished away and retirement will mean they are older!! Do they really want to be older? Having dreams, goals, likes, desires and even wishes are not a bad thing! Can help us get through the day and look forward to happier times! Working towards things we want help us stay concrete and see the flaws! So when wanting, wishing, asking, praying stay focused and be clear as you may get what was asked but not really! So be careful what you ask for!

Monday, March 23, 2015


With the snow melted in most of the garden, a quick walk around to check if any little green is starting to emerge occurred yesterday. Not yet. The ground is soft and mushy, even on the paths. So perhaps in a week some green may start to emerge. Meanwhile last year's pictures will have to suffice!
Underneath the ground there are spring flowers waiting to face the sun. If listening carefully, the song birds can be heard. On my walk to work, the chirping has become louder and louder. Nice sound to hear! In the house, some corners are slowly being scrutinized and cleaned. Little projects under way that can be completed in a day or 2! Oh Spring! Love the renewed energy it starts to bring! Of course all that energy renewal does require some weekend afternoon naps!! Are you feeling the energy of Spring yet?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I arrived at my local mall 20 minutes before the two stores of interest opened. So I sat down on one of those modern mall couches. Leaving my cell phone in my purse, I sat quietly observing the world in my vicinity. Some mall walkers were finishing their rounds. One 60 something man took off his backpack and slumped in a chair with hand across his eyes to try to nap- was he a traveller. He did not look homeless. If he had spoken to anyone, it might have revealed his accent- perhaps German. The juice guy was loading his machines with some modern music jazzing up his place. An elderly Italian guy I knew walked by. I tried to catch his eye to say hi, but he looked too self absorbed so no hi. Workers were arriving for their shifts. People anxious for the stores to open. Me- I was early so just taking advantage of the time to people watch, listen to the noises, take in the smells! 20 minutes a day to pay attention to the world around me without a goal in mind. Do not have to pretend I am busy! Do not have to feel guilty if at home where there is so much work to do! Just quiet the energy! Perhaps next time a walk in the woods or sit by a river, creek or lake or watch a sunrise. 20 minutes could be found in so many places. Important to stop and see the world around us, isn't? Have you found some time in between other things to reflect quietly? Precious isn't it?