Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Friday, July 1, 2016


Happy 149 since Confederation! Next year will be a big celebration in our nation as we celebrate 150. Events planned across the country. Today towns and cities will have activities in local parks. Toronto always has a big event at Queen's Park. Used to take my kids there when they were little. Richmond Hill and Vaughan local venues have celebrations. Of course, there will be fireworks tonight coast to coast. Being on a Friday gives a real statuatory holiday for everyone. The long weekend gives another day at home or the cottage for workers. Of course, some people need to work but they get time and ahalf pay so don't feel sorry for them. My flag is out the front in celebration of Canada Day. What can be said about Ottawa- our capital! Always a big deal there. Lots of visitors go to the city just for the celebrations. So as we celebrate let's think of those serving us around the world in the Armed Forces. Our local police and firefighters- both urban and rural!  Those providing public transportation and working in hospitals!
Reflect on what Canada means to you! Why is it such a nation that many people worldwide want to make their home? What are our unique values and standards? Remember we really are polite. But don't think being polite means we can be conned. Canadians can be very smart and knowledgeable too. So why do you love this great nation?
                                         Of course wear some red and white today!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


What can be said about the real summer months beginning? Time to embrace the lazy, hazy days of summer. Change gears. Go to a local beach! Canadians spend lots of money going south to lay on the beach and get a tan so with less expense the same feeling can be had. Road trips planned! Vacations to Europe or other exotic places will have airports filled with travellers over the weekend. Pearson Airport is expecting its biggest crowds over this July 1 weekend. I perused my bookshelf discovering that I have a nice pile of books to try to read over the summer. Reading makes one sit and enjoy the day. Even a couple of hours reading each day brings an incredible amount of relaxation. My favourite spot on the back porch with my birdies and squirrels as companions. Summer brings so many childhood memories too. Camping in Algonquin Park. Days at the cottage on Lake Scugog. My first job delivering the Toronto Star with a friend earning a little money. Sometimes even a tip from a nice customer. Some sporadic vacations days here and there as I have discovered just taking one week then no other days off is a bummer. So making several long weekends with 4 day work weeks. Having some company so rooms are ready! Of course, how to spend time with the grandkiddies in a leisurely way. Organizing, writing, editing in a leisurely way too is on my agenda. Again in my little spot on my back porch. Having a little basket of stuff that is handy. Stopping to smell the roses in my garden. Oh yeah that need some pruning too. Summer with all its expectations! What are your plans? Or are you just going to let the good times roll and see where you head?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


School ends for the current year giving a summer break. Parents have arranged camps and vacations and encouraged grandparents to help. Report cards can bring happy or sad moments. Most schools now don't let you know who the teacher will be in the Fall so there are no issues over the summer. Children look forward to the break. But for many friends it can be a mixed emotion. They will miss their friends. Friendships are important to children. They are healthy. So sleepovers and play dates may help with the dilemma. Of course the modern gadgets let children keep in touch but personally seeing each other is important too. Parents need other parents' friendships too. Having pool parties or picnics or easy fun outdoor activities helps with those encounters. Going to the Zoo together! Attending a music night in the park in your local area! So no one has to clean a house afterwards! Lots of environmentally friendly paper plates. So as school ends think about how to maximize the summer time for the children and families. Here's to all my grandchildren! Happy end of school!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Red and white are the colours of the Canadian flag.

But red can be found in the garden, fruit and even some people have a shade of red hair.
This week will see more red and white as July 1 is Canada Day. Patriotic to wear some red. My Canadian flag is at the front of the house in celebration. Cars have some Canadian flags flying in order to celebrate this week. Parks will be the location for many local celebrations. Of course the big one is in Ottawa. So look for the red and white! Wear some too! How Canadian, eh?

Monday, June 27, 2016


A wonderful weekend ending in a Monday morning! After the Brexit vote, the markets may be volative again. Will our dollar go up or down? How will traffic be? Work- what happened over the weekend! Any new issues or crises? Monday with its uncertainity can be the most stressful day of the week. This week with school ending causes concern for parents trying to decide what to do with their children if those decisions were not made back in Februray.   It just seems the weekends get shorter and the work week longer or is it just me trying to look at life throught a turn in my Kaleidoscope? monday

Sunday, June 26, 2016


The white and middle yellow of the daisy in the garden shine against the green. The variety of the daisy flower create pleasure in the yard. Wild ones and those from the greenhouse give a wonderful show.

I like to call it the happy flower!

Even the game- she loves me, she loves me not can be played. Daisy!


Deciding to change or having change enforced brings anxiety and trepidation. Endings bring new beginnings. Not always welcome! Even planning for a move, a retirement, a new job, a new baby can bring concerns and strife. Stress of just living yet alone planning for something new is not always easy! Going from one decade to another- 40 turning 50! 9 to 10! No longer a one digit! Beginning can be exciting- a new marriage, a couple! Ending can be remorseful. Grief. Fear of the unknown. The new beginning may not be better but just new. Perhaps the best bits have already occurred. A whole family to pieces of a family! What remains may not be the best part! Living with good memories may not be enough! Wanting to do and create some new ones may not be possible. Health issues may get in the way. Trite sayings- be positive may only be annoying! Being there for someone going through a change. Allowing all the feelings that can occur even the negative ones. Change as we know is not always for the better- it is just change!