Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Monday is often a dreaded day for work. But it is always an opportunity to begin again. Make some goals for the week. Hopefully there are not too many meetings and other events that need urgent attention. To attend to the regular aspects of one's job. Clean up the little piles of paper that need cleaning. Trying to learn to do with less paper. With so much electronic filing and organizing need to get in the groove. Have one spot for basic summaries. My address/journal/notebook is a hard copy with lots of information in one neat spot. I do not want to put all the private information out there on the Internet. Like in the genealogy world, the vitals on living people are not on the Internet. To keep some privacy is important. Always! So Monday the start of the week. Actually the weekend brought some closure to some piles of stuff around the house. Methodically areas are being purged. Trying to use each night for an activity to get through the week with some success. Trying to write and write some more on little projects. What about you? How will your week unfold?

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Feeling good about yard waste. Tried for 2 bags and ended up putting out 8 bags. Mostly leaves but my group of bags at the curb shows some meaningful work was done. Life is like that sometimes. Nice to have something show for all the effort made. My goal for the Fall was to put 50 bags of yard waste to the curb. I am at 15 so far. So getting there slowly. Setting life goals and just going at them brings meaning to our lives. No matter how small or what the goals mean to the individual, it is important to keep going. So what projects do you have? Just get started and see where life takes you!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Stress, hard work, complicated events can lead to life's trials and tribulations. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Or in this case Barb a dull girl. Life/Work balance is so vital to keep healthy both mentally and physically. The Bible says there is a time to dance. So off to a dinner/dance. Not sure when a last dance was attended by us. It might be different as dancing isn't as feasible as it was in previous years. Health issues have slowed us down. But heh, there are slow dances so maybe it will work. I like the notion a time to play better. So what are you playing this weekend?

Thursday, October 20, 2016


No one can watch their back constantly. Or know that some people will be con artists of various levels. If your Achilles heel is known then someone may just attack it. So if you do get duped about something or anything do not beat yourself. Learn from it and try to find ways to help others to learn too. Trusting, caring people can be the most vulnerable.  You know what they say, there is no fool like an old fool!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Canada is watching and wants a win. Can the Jays turn it around. Optimistic people say yes! Let's go Blue Jays. Let's play ball!
                                                           We can reach for the top!

Monday, October 17, 2016


As the weather changes, so does the mood and trepidation of what is ahead. Rather than embracing each day, many worry about the next phase. I can not help it, I have been worrying a lot lately. Predictions of a harsh winter! Well it is Canada and some winters are harsh and others are not. It's life. Preparation does help. For example, my garage is almost cleaned the way I want it to be but right now our car has a spot. When the snowy weather starts it has a refuge from the weather. Will still poke away at the garage and put more stuff to the curb as well as recycling.Collectibles are there so advertising to sell things, mostly duplicates and a spot to view them is done too. Shovels are handy, need to buy another bag of salt. Coat, boots, mitts, scarves are in the front hall. Of course, I hope they will wait for a longer time- way longer time!!Yard work not progressing as well as hoped. Two weekends of babysitting off and on caused the delay! Of course Christmas shopping and seasonal thoughts are on the go. Made my list in August with some fun purchases from day jaunts! Considering cutting back on decorating this year- just the big stuff. I really want to concentrate on the little writing projects! I really want to concentrate on activities I love! Work is work. I used to love it but am finding Mondays harder to face! Many days I just feel old! Other days, can set the world ablaze! But more days of feeling there is some much to do to leave some legacy to this world. I want to spend more time with my grandchildren and of course my hubbie! He is doing okay but does have some health issues! So Fall with its beauty and changes brings so much to contemplate. Enjoying the good times, preparing for the months that are coming, discarding the clutter of things and thoughts and embracing all that is good!
                                     Which way to turn can be an ongoing question too!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Older people are usually accused of being set in their ways. Not liking change. Really the problem is there has always been change. Life can throw curve balls and no matter what your life is changed. Needing to roll with the flow takes energy and courage. Courage to keep going no matter what. Fall is so metaphorically good as a stage of life. Fall as the end of summer- like the end of little children, an empty nest, retirement or thinking about retirement, downsizing, moving, health issues and many new aches and pains. Fall can have lots of colours and fun but can be the realization that winter is coming- the end of the seasons. Sure there is botox and tummy tucks to try to look younger. But no one can recapture youth! Embracing Fall with gusto and some A2W can help! Lots of life-just not at the same pace and with a few naps!