Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


May 1 each year commenorates the Battle of the Atlantic. It is the 71st anniversary of the event. An event that lasted from 1939-1945 duirng World War Two. An Allied naval blockage of Germany with the Germans establishing U-boats and submarines that interfered with convoys crossing the Atlantic. There are many internet websites that are writtten about this event. What is important was the emergence of Canada's navy to one of the best in the World. I was fortunate in 2011 to visit the War Museum in Ottawa. For those interested in Canada's role a visit there gives be a significant presentation of the history!


A new month full of hope. Like every new month. A chance to find meaningful activities. It is also my favourite month. The emerging greenery on the trees, flowers and warmth make it a great continuance of the Spring months. An anniversary. A long weekend. Maybe a day trip or 2 to somewhere close! Oh May with the colourful May Pole in some parts of the world!

Saturday, April 30, 2016


June and November. All the rest have 31 except February which in 4 has 1 day more. A nice rhyme to remember the number of  days in the months. April with 30 days always seems shorter. It is the real first spring month with all the preparation for the rest of the season. The flower beds are raked. The garden reviewed for what work needs to be done. Spring cleaning in a flurry. Items given away or maybe even planning a garage sale or 2. Summer exercise routines started. Even today did a power walk with my weights. Plan to do it Saturdays and Sundays! The energy returns after the winter indoors. There is an urgency to get going and started that is very Canadian. In most parts of Canada we have 4 good months. May-August. If April can be used for outdoors work as well as September then it is extended a little. No real planting until after the Victoria Day weekend because of frost potential but lots of getting started. Although cooler weather hit us in my area, already eaten outdoors a few times and onto many seasonal barbecues! If you know me well, May is my favourite month. Goodbye April- it has been a good start to the warmer months- birthdays, dance competitions, hockey tournaments, fun times for all! Yes the buds on the trees are about to explode with colour! How was your April?

Friday, April 29, 2016


Walking is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors. To a favourite park, along the street or if lucky a walk on the beach. Slow, fast or even power walking with weights are some of the milieu I have used. Taking a camera is a wonderful way to capture little and big images.
  Near a park can be a town street with interesting captures. Too early to take photos of spring flower beds but it will happen soon!
Of course my walk always includes going by my local pink library. The Central library in Richmond Hill with its windows and light for patrons. So what are you waiting- get your runners and your camera- get walking! Or running if you prefer!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Comfort food often helps us with stress. The word comfort is important as it has a soothing tone to it. Chocolate the forbidden food now has some medicinal purposes in modern times. In moderation a bit of it in our day is not harmful! Eating a good balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit is a must to help with any stress in our lives. Exercise really helps also! But enjoying one's life with some simple pleasures makes a happier life!  A chocolate fountain-how comforting can that be! Yes dipping the fruit in it makes a double reward!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Although the weather is cooler than wanted, the outdoors and short day trips are on the horizon. Being outside with grandchildren is so welcome. The local park we call granpa's park is a simple little playground the children love.
With slides and monkeybars as well as swings, something for many children. A short walk from home, it has been a favourite activity for all the grandchildren.
Kids can make little adventures. Usually taking them in the little wagon where snacks can be stored when they need a break.
Of course, there may be car trips to other places like Pioneer Village or the Ontario Science Centre or a conservation area for a picnic. Sometimes the Moms drag me along on their trips like the Toronto Zoo last summer! Rainy days bring fun indoor places too. Bring on Spring and Summer with the possibilities of lots of fun! Who says children need to have all the fun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The fragrance of hyacinths permeates throughout the garden.
The first tulips in the back garden with more to come in the front garden in a couple of weeks.
My little blue ones popping up all over!
A planted pot of pansies add some colour to the front door area. How is your garden coming along! Lots of work! But the colour is to be enjoyed, eh?