Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Modern times bring modern ways of doing things. Photos! I still print and put in a scrapbooked album with the little information that goes with the event. The invitation! The plane ticket! Etc. I actually  have travel albums scrapbooked before it was trendy! Fun to take off the shelf occasionally! Easy to view. I did grow up with family members who had all their photos in a shoebox that one day they would put in an album! So modern times! With all the photos in a cell phone or put in the "cloud" or on someone's laptop is okay!  However, when someone wants to show me their 200 travel pictures on their phone or on facebook, it just reminds me of the times when a huge pile of photos were hauled out in a disorganized order needing explanations!! The shoebox so to speak! People show up to 5 photos then the viewer is bored! Your travel photos or dinner photos or birthday photos are just like everybody takes!
I have a new smart phone. The photos are not like those taken on my good camera! Sorry but just pointing and clicking any device does not make a great photo every time. So I can take some in the moment if needed. I do upload photos to the computer to use in this blog and my husband's blog! But I know every photo is not amazing! Do I want to put 2000 photos to a "cloud", probably not as there are many family photos with children that I only want to share with trusted people. Actually when someone pulls out their cell phone and wants me to see the pictures that their index finger flips through at lightening speed, I politely look but find the whole process quite boring. One picture of the new grandchild or event is enough but not a visit to uploaded pictures with 100s to see. If you visit my home and care to view the latest, neatly organized album of the last year or travel event on the coffee table, it is there for the asking. My grandchildren love looking at albums. I do have one of those video frames that gives a nice slide show too if wanting to view. My girls borrow my memory card to upload whatever pictures they want!  I even do collage, photocopied page events for family and friends. One trip to a friend's cottage, for example, a couple of years ago was a nice way to thank them for the wonderful weekend. When they sold the cottage and moved out of the province, they have a nice memory of  the time and some good pictures of the cottage and area. 8 nicely collaged pages was enough with edited photos! Photobooks are another modern  way to caption special moments!  Then the videos! Well that is fodder for another post! Use all the methods at hand. Yes, I get the look from some people, "you still print pictures." Well, go to your favourite photo store when they have a sale on 5 cents a print- I am not the only one printing 500 pictures!! Some enlarged in a nice frame still look good on a wall or desk or by the computer! Take your choice! I tend to use all methods- makes life interesting! What do you like? What do you do?

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Most families and people have known someone affected by cancer. It is not always a death sentence as many cancers are treatable and curable. Inroads in detection and treatment have been made due to donations by the public and groups. We are proud as Canadians that our Icon Terry Fox left a legacy in the form of runs and fundraising events that has raised 100s of millions dollars towards cancer research and treatment. Think about it- he died June 28 1981 and his marathon of hope continues!!  As a family we remember Concetta and Cheryl as two loved ones no longer with us. Who are you remembering?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


For busy harried parents, leaving children with loved grandparents works on two levels. The parents have a break and the grandparents get to nurture their relationship with their grandchildren. Setting rules and limits helps too. Children will try to "push the envelope" with grandparents. When a grandparent hears- Mommy let's me do it, it probably is an exaggeration! The more time spent with the children, the more the relationship is real. So it means consistency, rules and lots of love. I try hugs and cuddle time to diffuse the moments when the children are pushing too hard. Children are children- they play and make noise. They want the grandparent to play with them too. Hockey with my grandsons is a given! They do outlast me. Overall it is such precious time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Throwing out old, damaged furniture that has had a good run is uplifting. A 17 year old couch that was propped at one end with books for the last couple of months due to a broken leg. I was beginning to feel like my parents! They had a couch like that. Relocating a sofa bed couch from another room, the family room has a couch that is functional in more ways than one. Good for guests or for the hubbie on a hot summer night- it opens to a bed! No need to buy a new one. However, the relocated couch is not as comfortable for the hubbie. So what is happening! He can not nap or sleep on it as well so is coming to bed and sleeping properly on his good bed where he should have slept anyway. Changing what we have to a new location in the home can be refreshing and better for the body. Using our resources at hand so to speak! Besides as the slow move to downsizing is happening, having one less old thing to move is good. Of course Adolph said goodbye to the couch at the curb. He did not like my answer- it's just a couch!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Funny Friday the 13th has a bad onus to it but a Monday the 13th- not really. Just being a Monday after a gorgeous Sunday is a bit of a struggle. Last week was a short week for me so back to 5 day workweeks for some time will be the same old thing. The days are getting longer. No more boots but nice new running shoes or sneakers to wear for my walk to work. Hard to believe it is midway through April. My little snowdrops are up in the garden along with other plants poking their little heads above the soil. Green and red are nice signs that nature is moving along. The snowbirds are singing lots these days. A wonderful sound. Other creatures are active too. The ants and the raccoons! Must find ways to deter them! So will today be a lucky day or just another day- an opportunity to enjoy life with all its beauty? How about you are Monday the 13ths good or bad luck or just the same?

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Reading some quotes today I came across one from Mark Twain- "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Liars have to keep their stories straight. Exaggerators do not get believed anyway. So if the truth is told then like Twain said, no needing to remember. It does not mean one must share all personal information with everyone. Rather than lying, just say I do not wish to discuss that or I would like to change the subject or just give a glaring stare- the person would surely back off! Being honest with people we love and not hiding any truths is good. Not telling is okay. For example, if someone is on a vacation and something happens, it can wait until the person's return. Non-urgent matters do not necessarily need to be shared instantly. It is okay not to have everyone's personal information that is not necessary to a relationship. My children, for example, do not need to know how much I have in my bank account nor do I need to know their financial business. Some information is need to know. Besides personal boundaries respect honesty too. Being honest in relationships brings trust. I trust you will share what you need to share and I will not ask for more. Husbands and wives share more anyway. What is shared between them is not fodder for larger conversations. Private moments should remain private! Funny stuff if both agree can be shared. Like the time my husband tried to call me on his cell phone and he had grabbed his glucometer instead off the counter! There are people who do believe lying is okay! As long as it gets them what they need, there are no repercussions! For me, honesty works. Finding a way for little children to believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny is tough! Wanting them to have magical moments without lying takes creativity! Well I do not know if I would venture to creative honesty, it is not really honest enough, is it? Be as honest as possible in situations works! Like I said if you can't be honest then just do not share anything with those that do not need to know! What do you think? Are you an honest person? Do you try to be real with others?

Friday, April 10, 2015


Sandwiches come in all sizes. On white bread or brown or in a wrap. With meat or egg or tuna. Veggie! Garnishes are on the side- little tomatoes or parsley. Can be used for all occasions- a party, family dinner or barbecue. Leftovers to take for lunch the next day! Named after the Earl of Sandwich! An easy lunch, a midnight snack or a fried egg sandwich for breakfast! Easy on the run or leisurely eaten while reading a book! Life as a sandwich! What kind would you like?