Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


A big Muskoka chair at the Pan Am games was fun to see. Such a Canadian icon. They are found coast to coast.
From past trips to the Exhibition!

A friend's cottage. I wrote about this wonderful icon in a previous blog post. There is an unique history. Look it up in my post list. Do you have a Muskoka chair?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Pan Am games, hot summer days, a broken then fixed air conditioner, garden and weeding, planning for fall projects and just relaxing when possible says it all for the summer month. Birthdays and barbecues- celebrations! Love the summer! Hopefully with another month to go there are still adventures to be had.


Recently I took grandchildren to a couple of Pan Am events. Letting them be part of an international happening was more fun for me than for them. Buying them some memorabilia of the event for the future let's them have some of their inheritance early! I know I am here now so want to share as many activities with them. One day their friends, their lives will not include the grandparents. Establishing those relationships takes effort. Of course, as a grandparent children give the same attitude they give to their parents. They know they are loved unconditionally so do not need to give their best behaviour!! Hum. Actually returning from one event on the shuttle bus, my two oldest grandsons entertained people on the bus with their shenanigans! My son-in-law and I found them annoying but since people were laughing and having fun we let it go! As long as they were not annoying others, I guess it was okay. So international events bring out the same silliness in children but at least there are the good memories and some quick pictures to know it happened! Would I take them again- sure why not! Nana does love them- shenanigans, silliness and turned heads when asked for pictures!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Toronto and the GTA stepped up to the plate and hosted a wonderful games for the Americas and Caribbean. Our athletes and those of 40 other countries did well and showed us how sports unites people. Loved Serena Ryder and Pit Bull at the closing ceremonies. What can I say about all the dancers!  Only saw some of West and his rap act as Monday was approaching. I have my share of merchandise to wear for the next few years. Did I have fun? Yes is the answer. Only 4 venues but did get a feel of the celebration, the organization and the wonderful work the volunteers did. Derek in Caledon was a wonderful guy who showed us the way back to our bus as well as supervising his crew. As a grateful Canadian, I tried to thank as many of the 23,000 volunteers that I could.
Bye Pan Am Games, it has been a great ride. If there is another big sports event in this country, I am going to buy more tickets and try to see more events. Better get saving now for that time!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Taking my son-in-law and two grandsons for the Women's Final Soccer in Hamilton, it was an adventure. Brazil versus Colombia. Leaving early to arrive 1 hour before the game, we had to park at McMaster University- HAM 1. The shuttle bus to the stadium- the Tim Horton's one which is home to the Hamilton Tiger Cats- took about 20 minutes through downtown Hamilton. The boys wanted to sit at the back. School bus rides are very bouncy and uncomfortable.
We needed to wait in line for over 1/2 hour to clear security until it seemed more security people came so the line moved quicker. We missed the beginning ceremonies. Since it was very open all the announcements could be heard. When the national anthem for Brazil came on the people in our crowd waiting started singing. We Canadians in the crowd looked at each other and smiled. It was very sweet.
When we finally made it to our seats, it was apparent more people were still arriving. The stadium is in the lower part of Hamilton. The skyline in the distance shows the "Hamilton Mountain" as it is called.

The women played well. The little boys who are on soccer teams knew the moves and enjoyed the game. The stands were indicative of who was cheering for what team. Lots of flags and tshirts of the desired team.

 Brazil had some good breaks. Colombia had some tough breaks. The final score was 3-0 for Brazil.
The Canadian group- Sheep Dogs- provided the 1/2 time entertainment. The place rocked.
We left before the end of the game to catch our bus but could still watch and hear it until we boarded our ride back to the parking lot.
Fans could also watch from outside the venue! Luckily we left early because as soon as Brazil scored the third goal, the stands started to empty. Bumpy bus ride and our little guys entertained some people on the trip with their antics. Home before 1000 it was a fun day.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Anniversaries happen in our lives. Good ones like a wedding. Happy ones like a great vacation. Remembering the day someone died let's us keep the good memories. 17 years ago my mother-in-law died from cancer. She will always be missed by my husband and children. She was a good person, a loving mother and a caring Nonna.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Labyrinths are interesting tributes to life. A place to walk. Meditate. Start at the beginning, walk around the path to the centre and return to the beginning, to start all over again.
Found in many places, they are a retreat that can be accessed easily.

In a quiet square in downtown Toronto, it can be found. People and pigeons alike find solace there.
Quiet and contemplative reflection are vital for the human soul. To take time to think. Soften the energy. Then to move on to the rest of the day would be a great way to begin a day. Labyrinths- one way to achieve such a goal! Do you have one near you? Have you walked the path?