Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


August is the time for the Canadian tomato. Abundant in home gardens and at farmers' markets. The grocery stores have lots too! Time to freeze some in large bags for winter sauces and soups. Many Italian-Canadians make Passata in large bottles. About a 3 day process- from cleaning the tomatoes, to cooking and crushing to bottling, boiling in a large container on an outdoor fire and then day 3 is the cleanup. We don't do it anymore but buy the Passata already made when it is on sale. Good time for Canadian canning if you want. Pickled tomatoes or use in a pickled chili sauce. Your mason jars come in handy for this event. But the best way to eat a tomato is fresh- sliced and eaten as a separate dish or put on a favourite sandwich. The taste is memorable. Tomatoes have many varieties here in Canada- beefsteak, roma, san marano, cherry, grape, tiny toms. Can you think of another one? What is your favourite? Who can identify the tomatoes in the picture?


Children test our patience constantly. To be calm and able to listen takes more than Job ever expected of us. Children have selective listening. They know how to tune out better than most adults. Of course, if there is something they are not supposed to hear they will. A 3 hour activity should wear us down. Come home and chill, have a quiet time. Nope-children seem reeved for the next event. Adults can insist to stop-read, watch a movie, draw a picture or take a nap! Putting a child in a spot where an impromptu nap happens is a good strategy thus causing quiet for awhile. Children get cranky when tired but will not admit they need to rest! Insisting on down time after an outing is a good way for a family to regroup. The adults sure need it! Having my grandchildren for a couple of days teaches this Nana to find ways to regroup and reclaim her energy. Quiet times work and if a little nap occurs so be it.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Do you ever notice a hawk on a perch? Checking out the view! Looking for food. Do you ever try to survey your life from a distance, above or below? Trying to get the larger picture of everything can make one's head spin! Do we envy the hawk? Looks alone and peaceful! Hard for anyone to reach him! What do you think?


Love the Holly Hocks in the garden. Adding colour for a few more months as other flowers and bushes die.
Of course, purple flowers attract butterflies.

A nice landscaped garden by the library will last for a few more months too.
So summer is not over yet with all the beautiful colour around town!
How about your area? How is the colour?

Saturday, August 23, 2014


The time to reflect and plan are upon us. Enjoying the bounty of the summer season with more market visits is so enjoyable. It is one aspect of Summer that is missed when all the crops are in and it's back to hot house tomatoes and cucumbers. Wearing all my whites for a couple more weeks before the Fall garments must emerge for the cooler temperatures. Finishing some projects and getting back to others. Helping the children with their children as school is around the corner. What else can be visited as a day outing? If warm, just enjoying those rays with a good book. Just stopping and smelling the roses- well because there are roses in the garden to smell!! Picking the herbs to be dried- some parsley, basil and oregano. Can I dry some mint too? Of course needing to hear the whining from many that it was not a good summer! I think it was an amazing summer like every other one. Beats boots and coats so wearing long sleeves occasionally was okay. Actually it is not over until the fat lady sings or here in Canada we say- until the snow flies!!

Friday, August 22, 2014


As many of you know my father-in-law died from ALS- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  40 years ago. It is a horrendous neurological condition that completely disables a person but one has one's faculties. The recent fun challenge that people are taking-pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads is fun. Then challenging someone else to do it too.  It is to bring awareness to ALS and then a donation is made to a local ALS Society. The media experts were analysing the current trend last night on TV. They were talking about marketing and how it has changed. Get over it! People do not want to be analysed. Something has touched people to do this because- well it feels good. Doesn't take much to do something that with the donation may make a difference in a person and family's lives.  I just find it very endearing that many people I know have taken the challenge. Even heard a neighbour last night challenging her brother before she had the water put over her head. With all the sad news and trouble spots of the world, the current phenomenon is uplifting and easy to do and fun! Love seeing the videos on Facebook. My son-in-law was challenged so he is going to take one for the team!! I had thought that my daughters and I could do it but Domi you are the family trooper!! Here's to the people suffering from this affliction and the families supporting them. Maybe with the surge of new donations, a researcher out there may come through with a breakthrough! We can always hope, can't we!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Busy as a bee from a beehive can describe the lives of many people. Actually many people thrive on letting everyone know their busy is more extreme than any one else. If you have two activities on the go, well they have 10. Sort of anything you can do, well I do more. Defining ourselves by the number of activities and things is so common place. Historically, people have always been busy with lives. Work weeks used to be 6 days with only Sunday off for church and family. Well farmers still have long work weeks. The average person has many activities of daily living to achieve. We can pick and chose what we want to do with our lives in many ways. Working late at the office has been replaced by taking the laptop home to finish the day's work. Weekends have to be packed with running around with kids in tow. So why do we need to be busy, busy, busy!!! As a clinician, it is an easy way to hide feelings, to protect oneself from working on relationships and to shrike one's family duties. Dragging your kids to the Mall to look around when one parent could take one child and leave the rest with the other parent, for example, might be more enjoyable but then not busy. I was the busy working mother with a husband doing 12 hour days and in the busy construction season 6 day weeks-so I get it. I took my children to many places like the Zoo, Art Gallery alone!  What I find amusing is many people look at this empty nester and tell me I had it easy, their busy is more extreme with this generation of parents! Oh yeah! Lessons and driving children has not changed! So when I am asked how was your weekend, I always say busy like everyone else's! I am actually tired of the "pissing contests" of who does more and is more tired!! So you were busy and so was I!! Working, living and being with family can be as involved or carefree as you want. Older generations in our area often go south for the winter ignoring their families altogether!! For me, I chose to be involved with my children and grandchildren as much as they want without my interfering with their lives. It is not being busy, it is defining a life. Along with my activities like this blog, it gives me a purpose. I like that part of me is defined by being a grandparent! So when I babysit my grandchildren, I am really grand parenting them. Lately I would like to be busy with more people my own age. Perhaps one day more lunches with friends! If we were not busy with something, then what would we be doing!! Rather than saying busy, maybe substitute the word with living! I am living life to the fullest or partial because like some people an afternoon nap may be needed!! So what do you think?