Inspiration for this blog came from my cousin Roy. His daily reflections of the events in his life have been thoughtful and interesting. Family, friends, colleagues are welcome to read my blog.

Friday, December 2, 2016


The sky this morning is amazing. Gives the feeling that much can be done in the day. Sunrise- the time to reflect and contemplate! The new day, a new chance to start over and accomplish your goals for the day!
A sunrise from another day! Looking through the trees to see the glory God has given us! Sunrise- what are your thoughts for the day!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Rain and more rain. Not sure if I prefer the snow for December. It makes the brown dull look pretty. Some activities are done so time to decorate the house. The season reves up from now until Christmas. Conserving energy is vital. Pacing oneself with all that needs to be done. Eating healthy along with the little goodies of the season. Staying active to burn those extra calories. The Christmas lights everywhere are pretty. However my street has few houses with any lights. So to find the streets loaded with displays is an activity. Did you go with your folks as a child to find the best displays? I remember going down University Avenue in Toronto to see the lights. The store windows of Simpsons and Eatons would have lovely displays. Sounds dated but they were beautiful. Finding new memories to behold along with keeping some family traditions. So high ho, high ho to work we go! I do feel like a dwarf in Sleeping Beauty sometimes! Hum!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


November is always a busy month in my home. Two local family birthdays as well as sending wishes to my brother..Shopping, wrapping, Christmas letters and cards done- time to concentrate on the house and some social events. Actually went to a team dinner with some colleagues so time to be home and rest. Not a party animal. This time of year brings lots of reflections as memories of past events creep into my thoughts. Remembering family times. For many people the season has mixed blessings. The present with its hoopla and events as well as the past which may have been happy times mixed with some unhappy times. Trying to decide what is important for the season. Taking time to enjoy it. So deciding to make it the best Christmas ever can be a goal for all. The sense that each year may include people that may not be with us next year. I remember the year my mother-in-law was in her last stages of her cancer. I took a special video all the season with her in it for some memories for my family. After she died the next July that video was watched many times. Rather than running away from the fact that each event should be enjoyed as much as possible and to embrace the loved ones in our families, Christmas is a time to stop and take in all that has meaning in our lives. Simple events like listening to the wonderful music while reading a book or just listening to the music. If able go to a concert or one of those church special evenings of music. Teaching those songs to little children. I have a wonderful CD for children with all the Christmas songs. So as we say goodbye to November, embrace the fun of the season- yes there is work, stress but find ways to manage it and roll with doing what has the greatest meaning to you. If you are not too busy see how you can help the busy parents in your lives.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Waiting to get through a birthday celebration at my house so only a few Christmas items are out. More wrapping and needing to shortlist my gift list to determine who needs something else. Must keep the items even for the little grandkiddies.
Saturday night was parade time in Aurora- Under the stars, a night time parade. Adolph and I took two of my grandchildren that we were babysitting to be with our younger daughter and family. So the cousins could have a time together. Nana had a bag of popcorn with little baggies for the kids to enjoy. Two small pizzas rounded out the need to eat.
Actually throughout the GTA-Greater Toronto Area- there were many parades on both the Saturday night or Sunday. Toronto had its big parade last Sunday-November 20th. It used to be called the Eaton's parade but changed to Toronto when Eaton's no longer sponsored it.
By putting some Christmas lights on a truck or float or car just makes everything prettier. It was not too cold but rainy so the dampness sent the Grandpa back to the car.
We all waited until the big guy in the red suit appeared.
Of course the grandkiddies and the big kiddies always have to give a wave. Lots of fun for all!
So back to organizing. With the birthday celebration, the rowdy corners of the house have been cleaned. So going to a social function then the rest of the week will be pulling out Christmas decorations. Only the big stuff off the floor this year. We have a toddler in the family who loves to put everything in his mouth!

Monday, November 28, 2016


Every birthday gives another year of life to each person. But certain years bring different celebrations. Turning 1 and lots of fuss. 13 and you are a teen. 25- half way to 50. 30 leaving youth behind. 40 is huge for most people. You are really leaving youth behind. 50 can bring a mid life crisis especially for men. Although many people retire before 65, it is a good number because some old age benefits begin and pensions can be had. 75 is good too. If spire can really party. 100 is good but many people are cognitively impaired so really do not enjoy it. Good photo opportunities for families. Every birthday should be enjoyed. Time for little get togethers or a dinner out or a big party.
                                          Of course the bigger the balloon the better!

Friday, November 25, 2016


Party on Toronto as East meets West in the Football Classic. The weather should be okay for lots of indoor and outdoor fun. Calgary joins us again to try to capture the coveted cup. Here's to all the football fans wanting a good time and bringing some excitement to the GTA!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


The energy level starts to increase. Christmas parties at work and home. Buying presents and wrapping or just gift cards for all become decisions to be made. Black Friday with all the deals so many waited to purchase those big ticket items. Decorating the home inside and out. Finishing or starting the correspondence for the season. Keeping an eye on the weather as it can put a hamper on events- well Christians get the picture! What church services to attend? By pacing oneself and doing small tasks at a time the season can be managed. Decide on paper what is most important to do! Family events can cause undue stress too. Whose home does the old grandmother need a bed for Christmas Eve? The unmarried uncle who contributes nothing but expects to be entertained. For most situations it is the busy woman trying to put it all together. So pull in any men folk and give them chores and little jobs to do. For example, if a special item ordered online can only be picked up at certain stores- send him. Taking parcels to the post office or other courier service, hello another job for him! I always advice young wives to give a job to their spouse. Men do not read minds nor do they really see all the tasks to be done. So alleviating some stress by having the lists visible and negotiating who can do what and when. Wrapping presents together can be an activity after the children go to bed! Get out the Christmas books and read as a family. Find simple quiet tasks that are needed to do together. Always what memories do you want to create for your family! Little children want to be part of everything. Let them help to decorate the tree too. Yes there are picture perfect ways to have a home done but if there are children then some adjustments can be made. What is fun for them? Stress is a huge topic and more may be said. But start with taking a deep breath, exhale, and go forward!